Intercept The Saboteurs, level 3

Reported by Brutus Salazaar and El'essar Viocragh 2007.04.25
Pictures and updates by Dinife
Updates by: Ethaet
Last updated 2007.07.18

Mission type: Deadspace
Faction: Amarr
Damage dealt: EM, Thermal
Recommended damage: Thermal, EM
Extra Features: There was one or two ships that used NOS (Imperial Tamir)
Webber: yes (Divine Imperial *)
Scrambler: Divine Imperials
Mission objective drops from the last destroyed Transport.
Completed in Drake (Brutus Salazaar)
Completed in Hurricane (2x therm, 1x em, 1x DC II) (El'essar Viocragh)
Completed in Brutix (Dinife) DR: Easy

Room 0
4 x Imperial Paladin
2 x Imperial Felix

Room 1

Group 1 (30-40km)
On warp in aggro from
Imperial Donsus
Imperial Agatho
2 x Imperial Muzakir
Imperial Mathura

Group 2 (60-70km)
Divine Imperial Felix
Divine Impreial Sixtus

Group 3 (86-117km)
Impreial Agatho
3 x Impreial Muzakir
2 x Imperial Forian
Imperial Paladin
3 x Imperial Matendi
Imperial Felix
Imperial Donus

Group 4 (86-117km)
Imperial Nabir
Imperial Imran
Imperial Muzakir
Imperial Tamir
2 x Imperial Templar Caius
3 x Imperial Paladin
Imperial Templar Muzakir
3 x Amarr Transport Ship

Group 5 (86-117km)
Imperial Caius
3 x Imperial Paladin
Imperial Exarp
Imperial Donus
Imperial Agatho
Amarr Transport Ship

Notes: Upon firing upon Group 3, Group 4 also aggroe'd and the damage dealt was quite extensive, but nothing to get terribly worried about. No Aggro from group 5 though when I fired and destroyed the Transport Ships. One of the Amarr Transport ships seemed to stay behind, dont know if it will always happen though. The loot is also pretty poor, and most of it ended up being Amarr Tags

pocket 1