Intercept The Saboteurs, level 4

Reported by Spumantii
Updated by: Chepe Nolon, Crawler, Mr Undertaker
Updated: 2007.01.28

Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Faction: Serpentis / Sansha
Damage dealt: Kin / Therm (EM/Therm from Centii ships)
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal
Extras: Dampening from Corelum Chief Guards
Web/scramble: Guardians and Centii ships.
Mission objective drops in a can from a ship in the Right/mid group.
Completed in: Hyperion (Spumantii)
Completed in: CNR DR: Easy (Chepe Nolon)
Completed in: Abbadon DR: Easy (Crawler)

Room 0

6 Frigs at the gate. Aggro after a while.

Room 1

Appears to be 3 groups, 45k-80k distance from all rats, no agg on jip
Engaging the close group (right side) springs agg from the right and the middle groups.

Right and mid group:
2x centii butcher (EM/Therm)
1x centii manslayer (EM/Therm)
1x core commodore
1x core rear admiral
3x serp transport
2x corelum chief safeguard
2x corelum chief defender
1x corelum chief guard
1x corelum chief protector
3x corelior sentinel
1x corelior cannoneer
4x corelatis squad leader
2x coreli defender
1x coreli guardian agent
2x coreli guardian spy

The can will drop from either the Core Rear Admiral, or from the last ship in this group.

Left Group:
1x core baron
3x corelum chief guard
2x corelatis squad leader
2x corelior sentinel
2x coreli protector
2x coreli guardian spy
2x coreli guardian agent

last pocket

Blitz: kill the corelatis platoon leader and the mission is over... he drops the loot...