The Mordus Headhunters, Level 4

Reported by: Da'Lorien and additions from DCCNightmare
Updated by Alcair Dovienya
Additions by: Zeledon
Screenhots by: Chepe Nolon
Last update: 2008.01.06

Faction: Mordus
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace w/gates
Damage dealt: Kinetic, Thermal, Kinetic missiles.
Reccomended damage dealing: Kinetic
Completed with: Navy Apoc (Da'Lorien)
Completed with: Caldary Navy Raven (DCCNightmare)
Completed with: Dominix (Chepe Nolon)
Completed with: Cerberus (Chepe Nolon)
Completed with: CNR (Chepe Nolon) (DR: Easy)
Completed with: Ishtar (Alcair Dovienya) (DR: Easy/Medium)
Completed with: Golem (faction fit) DR: Medium on full aggro pocket 2. DR: Easy if done right. (Chepe Nolon)

DCCNightmare suggest that sniping should work in this mission since there is no aggro.

Pocket 1
Tip: Start out by aggroing the leftmost rat. Drones will aggro the rightmost groups if they fly too close to them.

Group 1 (no aggro in JIP) (Left - 50-70km)

2x Mordus Bounty hunters (web/scramble)
4x Mordus Gladius
4x Mordus Katana
4x Mordus Lion
3x Mordus Puma
3x Mordus Leopard

Group 2 (Centre front - 80-85km)

4x Mordus Katana
3x Mordus Gladius
4x Mordus Bobcat
2x Mordus Sequestor

Group 3 (Centre rear - 90km)

2x Mordus Lion
3x Mordus Leopard
1x Mordus Gigamar
2x Mordus Phanti

pocket 1

Zeledons tactics: Everything aggros upon attacking something weather it was with drones or guns/missles. Best to take out the two Mordus Bounty Hunters first (Scramblers). Then work on the HACs launchin missle after missle if you don't have a good tank. Its a good idea to put the medium drones on all the frigs till they are all gone then recall them and launch heavies and put them on one of the cruiser sized ships while firing at another.

Pocket 2
Tip: Same as pocket 1. Aggro leftmost rat. Watch your drones.

Group 1 (front - 35km)

2x Mordus Bounty Hunter (web/scramble)
3x Mordus Katana
5x Mordus Sabre

Group 2 (back left - 60-70km)

5x Mordus Bobcat
2x Mordus Bounty Hunter
8x Mordus Cheetah
8x Mordus Katana
3x Mordus Leopard
5x Mordus Lion
2x Mordus Puma
5x Mordus Sabre
1x Mordus Sequestor
3x Mordus Phanti
1x Mordus Gigamar

Group 3 (back right - 80-100km)

2x Mordus Bounty Hunter
4x Mordus Katana
3x Mordus Leopard
2x Mordus Lion
3x Mordus Puma
5x Mordus Cheetah
2x Mordus Sequestor
1x Mordus Mammoth

pocket 2

Using Sentry drones within about 80km of a group causes the whole room to aggro. However, in each stage it's possible to position yourself distance-wise so that you can happily take out at least the first group without aggro'ing the other 2.

Zeledons tactics: Attack the two Mordus Bounty Hunters straight ahead of you, this will aggro the small frig group surrounding them. Other two groups dont aggro. After dealing with the scrambling rats, attack the left side first. There is no scrambling ships in there. After you deal with the left side. attack the right side. There is two bounty hunters (Scramblers) in that group. After that missions over :)