Silence the informant, level 4

Reported by: Chepe Nolon, 2007.05.06
Updated by: Dirk Fallows, The Drakonian
Last updated: 2007.11.05

Faction: Drones, Mercs.
Mission type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All kinds, heavy kin/therm.
Web/Scramble: Mercenary Wingmen, Spider Drones.
Reccomended damage dealing: Thermal
Completed in: CNR (DR: Easy) (Chepe Nolon)
Completed in: Golem (DR: Easy) (Chepe Nolon)
Completed in: Drake (Passive, T2 fitted, with shield recharge rigs) DR: Easy but time consuming (ZhouXi)

Pocket 1: (Drones)

You land in a pocket with a group including two Tower Sentry drones II approx 50km to 90km away from you. Then three Elite Drone Parasites show up at the gate.
No initial aggro other than from the towers. Firing at the Elite Drone Parasites at the gate will not aggro anything else. Neither will firing at the other two Elite Drone Parasites.
Firing at the towers will aggro everything as usual.
Group 1: 2x Elite Drone Paracites
Group 2: 2x Tower Sentry Drones II
Group 3: Misc drones.
Group 4: 3x Elite Drone Parasites

Remember to loot the Elite Drone Parasite wrecks before you leave the stage, as they will dissapear very quickly.

pocket 1, drones

Pocket 2: (Mercenaries)

When you arrive only one group will show. Then two others will arrive shortly. One group will aggro you. That group is safe to take out. Got 2x Spider Drone I's,some Wingmen, and a lot of Commanders. Drones works here, and gets no aggro. Even though they almost bump into the other rats that ain't aggroed.

Then take out the group at the gate. Does not hit very hard. And lastly take out the group on top. It looks like two groups, but is one. The named bs's is 3x mercenary overlords. Moves fast, but does not hit very hard.

Thanks to ALUN for the information about this pocket.

pocket 2, mercenaries

Pocket 3: (Drone sentries)

2x Sentry drone III's (60 and 80km away), 6x Sentry drone II's, 1x Ex-elite secret agent. (Looks like a angel cruiser)

A very easy pocket. Tanked it easily with therm,kin,exp hardener and only one large t2 armor rep going.

Road house drops t1 items.

Blitz: Snipe the informant, warp out.

pocket 3, turrets