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The Blood-Stained Stars

Part VI: A Breach Of Trust

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A Matter of Decorum

Take this toy. The mistress first arrived at my lord's estate with nothing to her name but this. As you destroyed her body, it is the only physical connection left in this world that her family will recognize as hers. Deliver this to the family, and with the utmost care. They have already suffered greatly.

Completion: Put Mizara's Doll into the can as asteroid mining outpost.

New Friends

I do not know where Dagan himself is, but I do know the man who brought Dagan to my lord's attention: an archaeologist of some respect, by the name of Doctor Canius. You'll find him at the location provided. Be warned: he surrenders nothing for free.

Completion: Meet Doctor Canius at Lisudeh IV - Moon 4 - Theology Council Tribunal.

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