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======The Blockade, Level 4======

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Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: EM/Therm
Web/scramble: Elite Frigates
Extras: Heavy NOS (Corpus Harbinger |Corpum Priest/Sage | Dark Corpum Priest/Sage | Elder Corpum Priest/Revenant/Arch Templar), Tracking disruption
Recommended damage dealing: EM (best), Therm (secondary); Max orbit 50km
Recommended ships: Abaddon, Apocalypse, Dominix.

Note: The number of ships in a reinforcement wave will vary randomly. This variance will be indicated in the ship numbers.

====Single Pocket ====

Auto-aggro from Initial Group at warp-in. No aggro on drones.

Reinforcement waves are triggered, generally by killing the highest bounty battleship.
Exceptions to this are :
- A whole reinforcement wave (typically Reinforcement Wave 1) may spawn a group of battleships with the same name. It will be almost impossible to determine which is the trigger.
- There will be occasions where a group contains 3-4 high bounty battleships with the same name and 1 low bounty battleship with a different name. The low bounty battleship will be the trigger.

Group spawn locations for the reinforcement waves are Front, Back, Left and Bottom with respect to the (Minmatar) Merchant Gate in the center.
(if you look at the Minmatar gate, the gate's front entrance = Front and the gate's back end = Back)

- The NOS ships will drain your ship capacitors heavily. __Kill ALL the NOS cruisers/elite cruisers first__. You can ignore the Corpus Harbinger battleship's NOS since its draining effect is fairly minimal.
- It is recommended that you fit Heavy Capacitor Boosters with Cap Booster 800 if you are unfamiliar with your ship's capabilities to handle this mission.

===Initial Group (Auto-aggro): (26-28km)===
3-4x Destroyers (Corpior Friar/Devoter)
4-5x Battleships (Corpus Apostle/Oracle/Monsignor/Harbinger) //**Trigger**// (Corpus Monsignor/Harbinger) note: last Oracle of 3 was trigger
1x Starbase Stasis Tower

===Reinforcement Wave 1:===
__Back Group (80-83km)__
3-4x Elite Cruisers (Elder Corpum Priest/Sage/Arch Templar) **NOS**
4-5x Battleships (Corpus Apostle/Oracle/Harbinger/Monsignor) **NOS** //**Trigger**// (Corpus Harbinger/Monsignor)
__Bottom Group (75-78km)__
2-3x Destroyers (Corpior Friar/Visionary/Devoter)
2-3x Elite Cruisers (Elder Corpum Dark Priest/Shadow Sage)
__Front Group (45-47km)__
2-3x Elite Frigates (Elder Corpii Diviner/Raider/Reaver)
2-3x Battlecruisers (Corpior Shade/Fanatic)

===Reinforcement Wave 2:===
__Back Group (86-89km)__
3-4x Elite Frigates (Elder Corpii Seeker/Collector) **Tracking Disruptor**
4-5x Battleships (Corpus Cardinal/Harbinger/Monsignor) **NOS** //**Trigger**// (Corpus Harbinger/Monsignor)
__Front Group (52-54km)__
1-3x Destroyer (Corpior Friar/Devoter/Visionary)
1-2x Battleships (Corpus Apostle/Oracle)

===Reinforcement Wave 3:===
__Back Group (68-70km)__
2-3x Destroyers (Corpior Friar/Visionary/Cleric/Converter)
2-3x Elite Cruisers (Elder Corpum Revenant/Arch Templar) **NOS/Tracking Disruptor**
1x Battleship (Corpus Harbinger/Monsignor) **NOS** //**Trigger**// (Corpus Harbinger/Monsignor)
__Bottom Group (85-89km)__
3-4x Battlecruisers (Corpior Bishop/Shade/Seer/Fanatic/Phantom)
3-4x Battleships (Corpus Cardinal/Monsignor)

===Reinforcement Wave 4:===
__Left Group (50-53km)__
3-4x Elite Frigates (Elder Corpii Follower/Worshiper/Herald/Upholder) **(Web/Scram)**
3-4x Battleships (Corpus Cardinal/Monsignor)
1x Battleship (Corpus Pope) //**Trigger**// (Mission completion)

- In 'Reinforcement Wave 1', if you see only Corpus Oracles BS the next wave will spawn when the last Oracle has killed.
- In 'Reinforcement Wave 2', if you see only Corpus Monsignor BS the next wave will spawn when the first Monsignor has killed.
- If you stay in the center, all spawns from the reinforcement waves will converge towards the center. Try to eliminate the closest groups as fast as possible before they all converge.
- To warp into this pocket at any distance : Warp to mission location, quickly cancel it and then select warp your preferred distance. Keep in mind, it may put you closer to a spawn location.
- You can also snipe by creating sniping bookmarks > 150km apart. Drop a cargo container at each location. Warp from container to container as needed.
- A very rare Dark Blood battleship spawn may appear with the final wave 125km below the warp-in, near a Starbase Ship-Maintenance Array. The chance is random. The structure drops random commodities, and will appear even if the battleship doesn't spawn.
- Mission is flagged completed after you have killed the final Corpus Pope battleship.

- Kill all the trigger battleships. You will need to snipe as the waves spawned will put out an incredible amount of DPS.
- Kill the final Corpus Pope battleship. Warp out.

===NPCs detail (max): ===
||(x:2;y:2) |=|(y:2){text-align:center}Orbit|=|(y:2)Max.""<br/>""Velocity|=|(y:2)Shield""<br/>""(HP)|=|(y:2)Armor""<br/>""(HP)
|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px}Shield Resistances (%)|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px}Armor Resistances (%)|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px;text-align:center}DPS (HP/s)||
||1x||[[ Stasis Tower]]||-||-||250||800
||3x||[[ Elder Corpii Raider]]||8,000m||360m/s||325||850
||4x||[[ Elder Corpii Seeker]]||9,500m||440m/s||325||850
||4x||[[ Elder Corpii Upholder]]||4,375m||720m/s||325||850
||9x||[[ Corpior Visionary]]||8,000m||400m/s||250||300
||7x||[[ Elder Corpum Arch Templar]]||7,250m||320m/s||1,200||1,800
||3x||[[ Elder Corpum Dark Priest]]||32,000m||320m/s||1,200||1,800
||7x||[[ Corpior Fanatic]]||22,000m||320m/s||1,200||1,800
||8x||[[ Corpus Apostle]]||38,000m||280m/s||4,750||6,750
||13x||[[ Corpus Cardinal]]||49,000m||280m/s||4,750||6,750
||1x||[[ Corpus Pope]]||49,000m||280m/s||4,750||6,750
|=|(x:2) 59 total ships|=|(x:2) Averages/Totals||130,900||201,900

Mission walkthrough and salvaging - Sentry Domi :
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