Buzz Kill, Level 4

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Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission Type: Encounter
Space Type: Deadspace

Damage dealt: Explosive/ Thermal/ Kinetic
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive/ Kinetic

Webifier/ Warp Disruptor: Frigate
Extras: Target Painting

Recommended Weapons: Short Range or Long Range
Recommended ships: Maelstrom, Vargur, Sleipnir, Raven, Sniper BS/ HAC, Dominix
Video: Ishtar blitz, Cerberus

Snipers can warp [fleet] at 70 or 100km. All groups and spawns will auto-aggro.
Set your drones to passive to keep them from taking out trigger ships that could cause swarming, and watch them for frequent aggro.
Following the trigger sequence is advisable for a sniper too, since even the Battleships move in fast.
The last Hostile killed of a ship class triggers the next spawn unless marked otherwise.
The Frigate spawn may not show up.

Single Pocket

Initial Group (23- 28km)

5x Angel Assault Cruiser (Arch Gistum Centurion/ Phalanx)

Spawn (5- 53km)
1x Angel Frigate (Gistii Ruffian/ Thug) Triggers Reinforcement Wave, Webifier/ Warp Disruptor
4x Angel Assault Frigate (Arch Gistii Hunter/ Impaler) Triggers Back-up Wave, Target Painter

Back-up Wave

Cruiser Spawn (8- 10km)
3x Angel Assault Frigate (Arch Gistii Hunter/ Impaler) Trigger
2x Angel Cruiser (Arch Gistum Defeater/ Breaker)

Assault Frigate Spawn (3- 5km)
3x Angel Assault Frigate (Arch Gistii Impaler/ Hunter)

Frigate Spawn (25- 30km)
3x Angel Frigate (Arch Gistii Rufian/ Nomad)

Reinforcement Wave

Frigate Spawn (40- 45km)
3x Angel Frigate (Arch Gistii Nomad/ Rufian) Target Painter

Assault Cruiser Spawn (28- 31km)
4x Angel Assault Cruiser (Arch Gistum Centurion/ Phalanx)

Battlecruiser Spawn (10- 21km)
4x Angel Assault Cruiser (Arch Gistum Centurion/ Phalanx)
5x Angel Battlecruiser (Gistatis Tribunus/ Legatus)

Dessy Spawn (79- 81km)
4x Angel Frigate (Arch Gistii Thug/ Outlaw) Webifier/ Warp Disruptor
3x Angel Destroyer (Gistior Seizer)
4x Angel Cruiser (Arch Gistum Defeater/ Breaker) Trigger

Battleship Spawn (6km)
4x Angel Battleship (Gist Warlord/ Saint) Target Painter

Kill the initial group, ignore the Assault Frigates, and focus on the Reinforcement wave (triggered by the Frigate).
You may want to kill some or all of the Assault Cruisers and Battlecruisers to reduce incoming damage.
Kill the Disruptor Frigates and all the Battleships, done.
With the new drone changes, it becomes difficult to blitz this particular mission unless you are willing to sacrifice drones at the end (Align to object, deploy drones, let them get aggro, recall and warp, some or all will pop) or to pop all the Pointing Frigates along the way as well. Or use a MJD and snipe the triggers from afar.

Mission is flagged completed after you have killed the last Battleship.
All Battleships will fight using Bane Torpedoes. Other missile damage should be negligible.
As usual divert Drone aggro by pulling them in for a second. Remote Shield Booster is an option for Sentries.
The naming convention under the Overview for Type and Name is swapped. This results in Angel Destroyer being seen as the default name, instead of Gistior Seizer; this is refreshing as in most missions the type also shows the name.

Optional Approach
1) A Micro Jump Drive is recommended, as it's much easier to take everything out from a distance.
2) Fit a Sensor Booster and fly away from the Angel Scout Post (around which all ships spawn) to your optimal range.

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~11.4 mil.
Bounty: ~ 8.3 mil.

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I received mission complete when the BS chain was killed and still had 2 ships of the frig class left. Still no blitz.
-- LordMortus (2008-09-08 10:46:12)
Make sure you fit a couple of smart bombs for this one as the assault frig swarm can test your tank pretty good.
-- ReavosVishad (2008-09-14 01:13:44)
this must be the worst mission ever it sucks so bad i got spawn 7 b4 6 and misson was complete after the bs i died i would avoid this mission and sb's are a good idea
-- NeoXr2i (2008-09-14 04:13:24)
3 x Medium Blasters (any)
1 x MAR II, 2 x Explosive Hard II, 1 x EANM, 1 x Kinetic Hard II
2 x Drone Nav Comps, 3 x Cap Recharger II
2 x CCC

Hob II, Ogre II

Use hobs for everything but the BS and then use Ogre and blasters. Orbit the structure at 30km and pull drones back each wave.

-- AlannisEve (2008-09-21 01:03:14)
If you are using drones, it is very, very, very important to set your drones to PASSIVE. That way you can be sure that the drones won't accidentally kill a trigger.

If you do hit too many triggers, the DPS output of multiple spawns combined could possibly overwhelm your tank. For that reason, I suggest that you sort the rats by NAME. That way you can easily distinguish between each group of rats.

Also, always leave one rat alive at the end of each group, e.g. if you are up against Spawn 1, kill 3 Angel Destroyer and then 11 Angel Frigate before procceding to kill the final ship / trigger for either group.

I also found the spawns to be slightly different to how they are described above. After Spawn 1, I've split them into 2 Chains.:

Initial Group (Auto-Aggro)
8 Angel Frigate, last triggers Spawn 1

Spawn 1
12 Angel Frigate, last triggers Spawn 2
4 Angel Destroyer, last triggers Spawn 5

Chain A

Spawn 2
12 Angel Frigate, last triggers Spawn 3
8 Angel EW Frigate

Spawn 3
11 Angel Frigate, last triggers Spawn 4

Spawn 4
13 Angel Assault Frigate

Chain B

Spawn 5
10 Angel Destroyer, last triggers Spawn 6

Spawn 6
6 Angel Cruiser, last triggers Spawn 7

Spawn 7
7 Angel Cruiser, last triggers Spawn 8
7 Angel Battlecruiser

Spawn 8
11 Angel Assault Frigate
8 Angel Battlecruiser, last triggers Spawn 9
8 Angel Destroyer

Spawn 9
4 Angel Battleship

I haven't commented on whether they target-paint or not, or how far away they spawn in. If I get the mission again, I'll run it slowly to check their spawn distance from the warp-in point and their orbiting distance.
-- SazukaKirr (2008-09-23 11:26:47)
I destroyed Angel Lookout and there were no 7th, 8th not 9th spawns.
Kinda blitz ;)
-- SzandorLaVey (2008-09-25 15:17:58)
Several people have suggested smart bombs. In low sec or 0.0, smart bombs are great. Unless you really know what you are doing (and are still willing to risk getting concorded), I recommend people avoid smart bombs. Or at least take a cheaper setup than you normally use for this mission if you are going to use them.
-- GeneralLilost (2008-10-03 11:35:28)
I don't believe this mission is worth it in a domi. In .5 space, I got around 6.5 mil in bounties, 3.5 mil in reward, around 100 salvage of varing types, 1,000 m^3 of various regular t1 loot, a HUGE headache managing targets, and risk to your drones and more. Plus, passive drones with a domi sucks ass, which lead this to take two hours, including salvage. I got a mix of the listed attack, and part of the one that Sazukakirr got.

The only advantage to this mission is that none of them seem to scramble.

My general rule was: kill all but one of everything. Then, kill the smallest thing out there. This lead to a pretty decent escalation path. Only had to turn on second repper for some of the Battlecruiser stages, and one of the assault frigate stages. In general, my kill order was: frigates, destroyers, EW frig, assault frig, cruiser, battlecruisers. By the time I got to the Battleships, I was relieved because they were easy in comparison.

Note: have the Ship type column turned on. I don't know if you can have one Ship name ('Angel Frigate') lead to two spawns when you kill off two different ship types ((Gistii Raider / Gistii Ambusher).

And if you're doing small drones, make sure they get inside, because I had one easily popped by all the frigates. Maybe for the last one, use hammerheads or something so it can at least hold up to the fire.
-- KismetEer (2008-10-26 20:17:08)
Based on SazukaKirr's idea... Spawn 7 somehow's are the Battlecruiser that trigger's the last spawn...
for Spawn 8... Kill the BC/Cruiser first... till you left each of them left 1 :) , as i try to hit the frig's first with heavies (in a raven with 3XPurgers and 2X heat II Amps and 2X explosion amps), it almost takes down my in less then 30 seconds... where i sustained a total of 1k armor damage, before warping out :( reason being that they deal load's of damage.. + swarming you can makes you nervous with THAT ammount of ships... -_-"

i have tried to destroyed the angel Lookout before spawn 6, and looks like spawn 7 still comes out as usual :(
-- ChokoDango (2008-10-30 09:54:41)
Destroyed the lookout @ the beginning of the mission, waves 7,8,9 still spawned. Doing the mission in an Absolution is a pain since those ~50 little assault frigs have resists against lazers... Even the machariels blow up faster than the frigates
-- EnslaverOfMinmatar (2008-11-05 17:36:25)
Flew this in an AC Vargur - very easy up to spawn 8, when i had to actually concentrate a little and use my SB for the first time. Can kite the frigs - NONE appear to use MWD. After a while (100km+?) they stop chasing and turn around - annoying!
Spawns didn't quite match above - after a while i gave up keeping track and just shot stuff!
-- NewbieNed (2008-11-10 01:16:14)
The key for this is to fit an AB..
Cleared in an Ishtar.
1. Created some distance while taking out some frigs with Warrior II:s
2. After the getting enought of distance, stopped the ship and started to clear the sky with Bouncer II:s
If some ships got all the way to me (rarely happened) repeated the step 1.

Really easy mission if you can keep your distance, since almost none of them will shoot you if you are over 40km from them. But I'd imagine it to hurt like hell getting swarmed by that blob.

[Also remove wrecks from the overview or you'll get completely blinded :) ]
-- KashiMir (2008-11-28 22:28:01)
Cleared in Dominix.
Not worth it. Took ~2 hours with drones, had to pay attention, even warp out at the last-but-one spawn.
-- XoddHil (2009-01-06 18:20:44)
Correction to my correction: Killing the final member of /either/ group in spawn 7 triggers spawn 8.
-- DrakeSherrin (2009-01-12 11:22:15)

6x 800mm ACs
2x HMLs

1x Large power cell
4x Cap Recharger II

2x Large repper II
1x Gyro II
2x Exp Hardener II

5x Warrior II
5x Valkyrie II

2x CCC rigs

This setup let me basically shoot whatever I wanted. No overwhelming DPS at any time. I aligned to a station and set speed to around 20m/s. Started with Warrior IIs and brought them back for a little bit if they took damage.

This slowboating strategy kept the massive amount of wrecks in a pretty tight group. I only had to use my cane with 4/4 setup and AB it around 320m/s down the line. Not many detours.

9m in bounties. 28 ATBs, 10 armor plates and other various stuff. I estimate around 18m total.
-- FaragonSmythe (2009-01-25 02:43:54)
The trigger information described on this mission is wrong, as its the second one described on the comments, i recomend taking each spawn out leaving 1-2 of each type alive be4 triggering next.
-- SilentSkills (2009-02-08 23:35:01)
Cleared in an Drake, take approx 2 hours.
5 Warriors II.
7 Heavy miss II.
Used AfterBurner and sometime invulner shield II.
Total - 23 mill (bounty-6.5, mission-2.5, other - loot).
-- UginSecond (2009-02-19 17:21:35)
easy peasy mission, the guide is close but not exact for the triggers

shield myrm w/exp drones and fusion ammo

did not have to use any active or passive hardeners
-- ShenRyyr (2009-03-01 12:13:36)
Spawn 3 triggers spawn 6
-- LaxxorBorocillicase (2009-03-06 20:39:13)
Redid this mission in a CNR, (1 invul, 1 explo, 1 kin actives) And I brought a rack of warrior II and Valkyrie II's. This time, killed all but one of each ship type (don't get wrapped around the axle of nomad versus ruffian, the last frigate is the last frigate), and the proceeded with the biggest ship out there. Went pretty smoothly, no real problems, just make sure to pull drones back in time between waves. Next time, bringing a painter, even with cruises. The assault frigates take the longest in this setup though.
-- KismetEer (2009-03-07 12:47:48)
BTW, drones on passive.

Took 3000 cruise missiles, half hour to finish mission, half hour to finish killing everything (will most likely blitz next time), half hour to salvage everything, resulting in 970 m^3 of loot, 176 units of salvage (30 some valuable), 5 sell-able meta items, rest melted to 239k trit at the high end for 2.7 mil in minerals
-- KismetEer (2009-03-07 13:18:36)
Cautionary Tale: I lost a Domi on this by not paying attention to the advice on offer :) Too cocky and thought I could tank the DPS - I have pretty solid Armor tank skills...

Done it since in a passive shield (look on BattleClinic) Ishtar with T2 Valkyries (explosive damage) Pretty straightforward so long as you do what people advise and watch the triggers - best advice on offer here is the "leave one of each ship type alive" bit.

The only time the DPS gets tough is when you get the Assault Frigate swarms. Ishtar shield tank never dropped below 40% though when taking all that and I took them down first. The big ships are nothing to worry about.
-- TzeMallory (2009-03-22 06:13:18)
SPAWN 7 WARNING--My first time through this mission and I followed SazukaKirr tactics, very good. However, elimination of the last BattleCruiser spawned Group 8 to my suprise and caught me off guard. My next time through I will try cruiser and see if different result.
-- ZedandMaynard (2009-04-12 02:42:03)
Did this in an active shield tanked maelstrom, damage wasn't too hard to tank as long as I stuck to the "leave one guy alive" thing, only problem for me was taking out the elite frigs, cause my 800mm scout repeating artillery just couldn't hit em, maybe another gyro would help though. ended up using t2 drones to take them out while i just sit and patiently tank. not too hard though, just time consuming.
-- KingRayray (2009-04-27 09:05:11)
Did this in a Maelstrom with 2xExp, 1xKinetic Shield Hardener. Got different spawns as follows:

Initial Group
5x Angel Assault Cruiser (Trigger Spawn 1)

Spawn 1
4x Angel Assault Frigate (Trigger Spawn 3)
1x Angel Frigate (Trigger Spawn2)

Spawn 2
3x Angel Frigate (Trigger Spawn 5)

Spawn 3
3x Assault Frigates (Trigger Spawn 4)
2x Angel Cruiser

Spawn 4
3x Assault Frigates (Trigger Spawn 6)

Spawn 5
4x Angel Assault Cruiser (Trigger Spawn 7)

Spawn 6
3x Angel Assault Frigates

Spawn 7
4x Angel Assault Cruiser (Trigger Spawn 8)
5x Angel Battlecruiser

Spawn 8
4x Angel Frigates
3x Angel Destroyer
4x Angel Cruiser (Trigger Spawn 9)

Spawn 9
4x Angel Battleships

Mission was completed after Battleships were destroyed.
-- KhyradinEve (2009-05-15 07:04:00)
Confirming KhyradinEve.
Got exact same spawn
-- UmbraArmanis (2009-05-19 14:28:21)
did this in a drake, shield tanked. never below 50%.
my rating? easy.
i've done this twice and on neither occassion did i get named ships just Angel Assault Frigate, Angel Battlecruiser etc.
so just destroyed whatever came along.
-- OovarvU (2009-05-19 15:11:55)
Spawn A3, the 4 assault cruisers were the triggers, not the BCs
-- AwesomePossum (2009-06-04 15:50:07)
Confirm AwesomePossum, Spawn A3 triggers were the cruisers for me also.
-- MarcoPolo (2009-06-12 04:11:45)
I got the trigger on A3 on the battlecruisers. Also the A1 trigger was different and had me web'ed the entire time while I took out the B group.
-- MrHellcat (2009-06-13 15:46:46)
I thought this mission wasn't bad at all. Went through it in about 30mins in my Machariel. Fitting: 6x t2 800mm, 2x cn cruise launcher, 2x exp and 1x kin hardeners.

Spawn A2 had 4 Angel Assault Cruisers, not 5.
-- RagnaValdr (2009-08-15 03:40:24)
easy mission

finished with raven
also with cerberus
both took a lot time to finish ..
and no loot..
i think dont waste your time with this mission
-- FreeKesh (2009-08-26 13:58:22)
Done this mission in a sniper raven.
-- TtoraiEve (2009-09-28 05:00:25)
The respawns seem to center around the warp-in point, so on the initial 5x elite cruisers, I kill 4 and draw the 5th before killing it. By that time I'm some 80Km from the nearest wave - lots of time to take out incoming swarms with drones and rails.
-- MaciejSimm (2009-10-23 09:10:13)
Did on a Megathron, 2 CCC 1 Auxiliary Nano Pump, 2 meta 4 hardeners (exp/kin) and Gallente drones (which are useless. Bring Minmatar drones if you can).

Tried using a 5xblaster/3xsmartbomb fit, but the close range damage was to much for me. Not to mention that all ships will spread around, making the smartbomb kinda of useless.

After 3-4 warp outs, finished by using my regular fit, with 7x425mm Railguns. Got close to structure a few times, worst during the 5 BC/4 Cruiser spawn. Little under 2 hours to complete.

Enemy ships have high resistance to kin/therm damage, making it a lot slower for hybrid based ships.

Pay attention to damage, and don't underestimate it. Other than that, challenging mission, but not worth the rewards, given the risk to loose your ship. Almost no loot, salvage includes Tritanium bars/Armor plates, the 4 circuit boards and some garbage.
-- MrTetsuo (2009-10-27 23:54:04)
I started this mission in a T2 shield tanked Rokh with 8 blasters. after half an hour of shooting without a single kill, I switched them out for railguns. After another half hour of shooting with two kills, i switched out my gallente drones for Minmatar ones. After another ten minutes without a kill, I dumped this mission and took a massive standings hit. What a waste of time. Decline this mission!
-- CrucO (2009-11-20 03:06:00)
Completed the mission with no warpout using a simple Hurricane fitted as "Passivecane" (see on Battleclinic for the exact details). Kited the NPCs about 60kms off the spawn point and singled out the spawns as per the instructions.
-- VaerahVahrokha (2009-11-21 12:53:21)
actually smartbombs are dumb idea if you fly a ship that hasnt an utility highslot (abaddon, maelstrom, etc)
just completet it really fast in a maelstrom and i think a grande total of 4 frigs and 1 cruiser went into smartbomb range. and i didnt use it much cos its capacitor draining. i regret that i was too lazy and did not fly back to the station and replace the useless bomb with a 8th gun.

some hints after dominion:
use autocannons, 8x 800mm ac II an AB, a shield tank and 2x trakcing enhancers II and 3x gyros II
with dominion changes u have ca. 38km falloff. (depending on skills)

approaching the elite frigs that orbit around 12k full speed makes them fly away and u kill them much faster with large AC then 5x warrior IIs ever could.

against another comment above: there are warpscrambling frigates in this mission, seen up to 2 scrambler symbols in the overview at a time and had scrambling within different waves.

either the battlecruisers or a wave of assault cruiser fire EM missiles. so shield-tankers without invuls -> kill them asap :)

and again - just forget the smartbomb idea if you dont have officer Smartbombs with more range :) the projectile ammo of choice schould be fusion and maybe hail for BCs and BS spawns if you dont shy some expenses
-- JosefBauer (2009-12-06 12:12:48)
I was target painted by two frigs in spawn 'A1', just for anyone who is thinking of tanking that wave while working chain B.
-- LaIvasse (2010-01-05 10:39:22)
Mind-numbingly easy in a Drake. Took 55 mins in total. (I was practically semi-conscious throughout).
-- ThaThanka (2010-03-08 10:00:14)
I haven't found a nice way to do this with hybrid rails. Large guns are too big. Even when another character webs and target paints the NPCs, little damage is done because of high resists. Medium guns just don't do enough damage and I'm not chasing them to use blasters.

Two dominix with target painters and drones doing explosive damage can run the mission with no problem. (Pull drones in after each wave.) One dominix takes too long to be worthwhile.
-- ProteusCronus (2010-04-25 20:29:42)
Dominix with 3x exp + 1x Kin hardeners + 2x T2 LARs tanks this easy.

I found that taking out chain B before chain A was easiest route. Using Berzerker IIs on anything cruiser/HAC really sped up the killing alot, then warrior IIs for the frigs and AFs. Bouncers IIs for BC's when they arrive.

Other than that Spawn A2 only has 4 Hacs instead of 5 from my experience.
-- Alomar82 (2010-06-03 13:45:19)
This mission really sucks, don't expect to make any isk doing it.
-- TotalE (2010-07-01 14:48:21)
Easy walk. Although I was right putting EANM in place of second magstab, I could have fit for full tank. Blasters were silent up to last few spawns.

Domi, LAR II, 2x EX+KI+TM+EANM. 2x OMNI - Berserkers did 90% of the work. Switched to Valkyries for frigate-heavy spawns, but that's all.
Was boring, but nothing really tough. Don't know where you get 2 hours, 1 hour at best, and that's without blitz.
-- TontoAuri (2010-07-13 01:33:33)
Easy enough mission but not worth it - Myrm, MARIIx2, 2xEH2, 2xKH2, 4xCR2 and Valk drones. Just takes ages... i was up so late i just looted the BS's and gave it to the ninja looters.
-- ThatOnethere (2010-08-04 04:47:58)
7x 800mm Scout Arty, 1x T2 Auto-Targeter.
1x Extra Large SB 2, 1x 100mnAB t2, 1x Invuln t2, 1x Exp t2, 1x Heavy Cap Booster 2.
3x T2/Faction Tracking Enhancers, 3x Faction Gyros, 1x DCU 2.

Warped in, killed frigs (burning away if necessary for the transversal). Killed Cruisers/Hacs/BC. Killed Frigs, Killed BS, finished of Hacs/BC and done.

Easy mish, 2500 Fusion L ammo used. completed bounties in 18 minutes, looted and salvaged in another 25 in a 4x4 Cane w/ AB.
-- DannarHetoshi (2010-08-21 15:19:06)
How odd, I don't find this mission so useless. Ships are small indeed but many have some 270k bounty on them. Given how quickly the mission can be done, I get the same "tick" I'd get in other average-to-good other missions (tick as singular, I don't think I get two).
-- VaerahVahrokha (2010-09-03 12:33:52)
Edit to the above:
I took my worst pilot (zero bonus rewards books, armor spec piloting a shield tanked Mael, no particular implants), at a mediocre agent (Fricoure) with not stellar standings as it's not a PvE character. Maelstrom slapped together fitted with regular T2 and T1 ammo, Meta4 shield (!).

Got about 8.4M bounties in about 15 mins + about 1.2M reward + 3656 LP + 1.46M bonus. Even selling LP to the worst possible conditions at 500 ISK / LP, I get a total of 12888000 ISK.

This means 12888000 * 4 = 51552000 = about 51.5M per hour excluding fitting times and travel (same system though).

Now, does it suck SO bad?
-- VaerahVahrokha (2010-09-03 13:29:37)
Extremely boring but nonetheless easy in Nighthawk w/ 2x Inv Fields. Just kill everything in any given group before moving on to the next one. Think I'll bring AC Mael next time though; the inbound DPS wasn't enough to worry over, it's just a matter of plodding through the loads elite cruisers, so DPS trumps tank I think.
-- OdiTogre (2010-10-24 01:06:16)
Completed in a Tengu (5x T2 HML, 2x T2 rigor rigs, 100MN AB). I used scourge missiles because that's what I had on me. Scourge Fury on the elite (battle) cruisers. Took me about 25 minutes. Damage was neglible once I started orbiting @ 1200m/s :).
-- LordNikon (2010-11-06 16:53:21)
Tengu. Sat there and tanked it. Easy shit.
-- PlanetaryGenocide (2011-06-11 19:36:56)
This is not a mission for Gallente ships, it needs any ship but = takes forever to kill the Assault Cruisers = 20 mins my bum, 20 mins per cruiser
-- Maddens1 (2011-06-26 21:32:10)
Easy but time consuming in Drake.
-- ReaveToralen (2011-11-06 14:32:07)
This is fast and fairly easy if you are running in a battleship capable of reasonable DPS. The easiest method I've found to date is to kill the chain B triggers (4 X Assault Frigates) and run up chain B to the end, then go back and kill up chain A to the end. Depending on your fit and what the first frigate in chain A does you may want to kill it (it's about 50-50 web/scram - if it webs and you rely on speed, kill it and 2 of the target painters from A1, otherwise leave it alone).

Assault Cruisers are fairly tough with good DPS and resists. They're the only time you might find your shields/armour under real threat. Certainly for me, the BS at the end die much faster than the ACs.

But the whole mission, now I'm used to it, takes about 45 minutes from getting it to fully salvaged and home.
-- EloisePasteur (2011-12-01 19:33:42)
I'm an experienced missioner in Caldari space and just moved to a new empire/station/corp. I've never gotten this mission until today.

That said, this is definitely one of the worst ISK/hr missions I've ever gotten. Too many cruisers that take longer to kill, and reward LESS bounty, than some battleships in other missions.

I'm avoiding this like the plague from now on.
-- SeieiHana (2011-12-18 18:48:54)
Warp in at range, pop stuff in any high range/dps ship. Did this with Macha.
-- Sp4rt4nII70 (2012-05-05 22:11:02)
I just did this mission for the first time today and see why I took the advice that this missions wasn't worth the time. I actually finished it in about 20mins. However most of the ships were frigs that cost me more in ammo than what the bounties are worth. When salvaging the first 2 items were worth over 1m each and I thought yay this might be worth it. Not! Those were the only 2 things I got worth anything. In total the salvage and loot I got were worth about 6-7m. In other words this mission is a waste of ammo. Bounties on cruisers were nice but I would rather kill BS's for better bounties and salvage with the same amount of time and ammo. Very few BS's in this mission.
-- Dethbringer1 (2012-05-27 16:11:51)
Did this in a Dual LAR Dominix with 2 x Drone Link Augmentor II and 2x Drone Damage Amplifier II.

Took 2 hours. Really isn't worth it if you rely on drones for damage. This mission shows up the downside of using drones. Drones are constantly targeted and killed if not withdrawn fast enough. But then they just aim at one of the remaining drones. Not possible for the ship to keep agro off the drones. RATs just change target to the drones.

Only got 1.7m in bounty prizes and about 30 salvage items. New drones cost more than that. Ship was never in danger, just the drones. Probably a very different issue if using a missile boat.
-- AbeDoo (2013-04-07 18:45:14)
message to myself mission sucks don't do it!!!
-- EveDawn (2013-05-29 00:45:41)
An artillery Sleipnir with AB can do this quite efficiently and not have any particular worries about being sloppy with the triggers.
-- JackUnderhill (2013-07-03 22:23:07)
Sentry Dominix (4xDDA II, 4xDLA II, 3xOTL II, 1xLAR II, 2xEANM II, 1xMJD)
Just arrive, jump to 100+km using MJD, deploy Bouncers and enjoy the shooting range.
-- TheObjective (2013-09-27 08:41:29)
Im doing this mission for the second time right now in a Drake, and its a Very easy mission, just follow the spawns. I had trouble applying damage in a Raven so I swapped to drake with precision missiles for the frigs, regular missiles for cruisers, and rage for the BS's. Takes about 30mins to kill everything, but never had any tanking issues. May try using Caracal next time, but the new changes to rapid lights might not be worth it.
-- KetaTrypt (2013-11-21 00:43:53)
Completed in Vexor Navy Issue with Sentry drones. Very easy mission if you keep distance. To manage aggro eliminate B chain first, then continue with A. Had to deploy light drones at one point and they took some aggro.
-- CaptNemo (2014-01-28 16:16:02)
Did this in a Caldari Navy issue Raven with a Myrmidon flying logisitc support (remote cap, shield and armour boosters/reppers plus repper drones).

Raven and Myrm fitted with mission-specific tank and munitions (Raven had Nova Fury Cruise Missiles and a full drone bay of Warrior II drones).

Took the advice of other missioneers, and used an MJD to put some distance between my Raven and the warp-in point. Then picked off the groups as they spawned, always leaving one ship of each group alive until I was ready for the next spawn. Took about 1 hour to clear all the NPCs, chewed through 15 Warrior IIs and 2 repper drones and my Logi Myrm came under heavy DPS at one point, but tactical flying (high tangential V to aggressing groups at all times) and keeping at maximum weapons range saw me through evenutally.

Loot and salvage was a little disappoitning, but a good mission for honing combat and logi support tactics.
-- MaxxEnder (2014-03-23 12:14:41)
Roughly 11m in bounties, a couple of mill in loot/salvage. Done in a well skilled autocannon Vargur took about 40 minutes for complete mopup.

Mission is a bit of a chore. Microjumpdrive is highly recommended. This took me outside targeting range of many of the spawns, so bastion is not highly recommended, i was switching between hail and barrage depending on the engagement range.

Drop tractor unit and jump 100km off, then pick everything off at long range, with priority to frigates (so they dont get under your tracking) i never had anything get closer than 50km.

When the 4x battleships spawn, jump back and clean them up at close range while you mop up the many wrecks
-- CptDiggerdoo (2015-03-06 19:35:28)
done in a Gila. pretty easy orbiting @60km from the center, never went below 90% shield and cleaned it in 20 min.
-- AkaDurgrim (2016-06-03 15:50:55)
R and L Electronics has a DR1X
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