Cargo Delivery, The Blitz

General blitz for all missions: You don't have to trigger the second spawn to complete the mission.

Note: The old method of buying the Quafe Ultra from the market does not work anymore, you are forced to pick up the goods in order to trigger the first spawn and complete the mission.


MWD are allowed in this mission now. Any basic frig with a Microwarpdrive (1 cycle is all that is needed) will propel you to the warehouse where you can scoop the drinks and leave (quickyl, as the picking up will trigger Spawn 1). There is no need to worry about any NPCs until after you remove items from the warehouse. A shuttle will do just as well, if less quickly.

Edit: I do this in a Dramiel all the time. Dual propping makes it so even if the mission changes/scramble occurs, you can GTFO with no worries after grabbing the Quafe.

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