Crush the Sebiestor Station, Level 5

Faction: Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates
Damage dealt: All
Extras: Energy Neutralizer Towers, Stasis Web Towers
Web/scramble: T2 Frigates have a chance to web and/or scramble. T2 Cruisers have a chance to web.
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive
Recommended ships: Passive shield tanked ships (eg: Drake, Nighthawk, etc)

Pocket 1

Everything agros upon warp in. One of the battleships will be a trigger for the second spawn to appear.

Group 1

5x Battleships (Republic Tribal Sigur/Jarl/Jotun) Trigger
3x Heavy Assault Ships (Chief Republic Orka/Jarpur)
4x Assault Ships (Chief Republic Magni/Ivan)

Group 2

10x Heavy Assault Ships (Chief Republic Pafi/Orka/Tenar/Jarpur)
3x Assault Ships (Chief Republic Ivan)

Pocket 2

Everything agros upon warp in. This room contains the Rebel Output that you must destroy to complete the mission. Spawn 2 will appear partway through destroying the outpost.

Group 1

10x Minmatar Cruise Missile Battery
4x Minmatar Stasis Tower
4x Minmatar Energy Neutralizer Sentry III
9x Battleships (Republic Tribal Jarl/Ymir/Sigur)

Group 2

4x Minmatar Energy Neutralizer Sentry III
10x Battleships (Republic Tribal Jotun/Sigur/Ymir)
5x Heavy Assault Ships (Chief Republic Orka/Manadis/Rodul)
5x Assault Ships (Chief Republic Ivan/Magni)


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