Cut-Throat Competition, Level 3

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Faction: Mercenaries (Caldari-type ships, dropping Caldari Navy tags, but no Caldari standings penalty)
Mission type: Encounter
Space Type: Gated Deadspace, Single Room
Damage dealt: kin/therm
Extras: Jamming
Web/scramble: none
Recommended damage dealing: kin
Recommended ships: Caracal
Enemy cruisers stay at 35km range

Warp In

5x Cruisers (Caracal class)
All jam, though not for long

Room 1

First Wave

9x Cruisers (8x Blackbird class, 1x Moa class)
Either the Moa or the last ship is the trigger for the second wave.

Subsequent Waves

There are at least 3 subsequent waves, but they vary in composition and order. Consider the following as examples of what you might encounter.

Example Spawn 1
2x Elite Cruisers (Rook class) - heavy jamming
5x Cruisers (Caracal class)
The recon ships jam, a lot. The last Caracal triggers the third wave.
Tip: kill the recon ships before triggering the third wave, or, if you use a t1 cruiser like I did, you may need to call for help.

Example Spawn 2
2x HAC's (Cerberus class)
5x Battle Cruisers (Ferox class)
The last BC or the last ship triggers the next wave.

Example Spawn 3
5x Battle Cruisers (Ferox class)

Destroy ships in first wave (Blackbirds only, not the Moa) and destroy the repair outpost.


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