Gone Berserk, Level 4

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Faction: EoM
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal (MWD works)
Damage dealt: Kinetic (68.76%)/ Thermal (31.24%)
Web/ Scramble: EoM Saboteur (Extra spawn, from the left group wave)
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/ Explosive
Recommended ship classes: Battleship, T2 or T3 Cruiser
Video: Ishtar, Raven Navy Issue

Auto aggro from Initial Group and spawns.
May [Fleet] warp to preferred distance.
The initial formation is composed of three groups with a Cruiser and a Battleship in each.
Reminder: set your drones to passive to avoid triggering a swarm.
Spawn composition and distance may vary with each wave.

Single Pocket

Initial Formation (70- 90km, 3 groups)

3x Cruiser (EoM Crusader) Trigger
3x Battleship (EoM Hydra)

Reinforcement Spawn Wave (x3)

1st Spawn (40- 60km)

2x Cruiser (EoM Death Knight) Trigger

2nd Spawn (20- 30km)

2x Frigate (EoM Saboteur) Web
1x Battleship (EoM Hydra) Trigger

3rd Spawn (30- 40km)

1x Battleship (EoM Hydra)
1x Battleship (EoM Ogre) Trigger

4th Spawn (45- 66km)

1x Battleship (EoM Death Lord)

Left, Center and Right Groups

To manage aggro, work on a single wave, then kill the next Crusader Cruiser.
Flag the Cruisers at the beginning to make it easier to keep an eye on the triggers.
The mission is flagged completed once you have killed the last EoM Death Lord.

44 Veldspar asteroids (33- 118km).

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~10.7 to 12.8 mil
Bounty: ~10.7 mil

Ship Detail

QtyName Orbit
Max (m/s)
Shield Resistances (%)Armor Resistances (%)DPS (HP/s)
3xEoM Crusader153501,6501,100
9xEoM Hydra322904,2503,500
6xEoM Death Knight173501,8001,150
2xEoM Saboteur7.5900725450
3xEoM Ogre202904,8003,975
3xEoM Death Lord452905,5004,250
26 Ships Total Average/ Total86,40067,900


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