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Good job everyone :) Lets keep this site updated!
-- MariaEpiconthe (2008-05-31 20:12:24)
I would like to add my thanks to all the pilots donating to this site. You've all saved my life a couple of times! THANKS!
-- SmokyJo (2008-06-05 09:42:41)
Thanks for converting to a wiki... love your work!
-- StinggRay (2008-06-11 18:55:02)
O M G thank you thank you thank you.
-- PhatPauly (2009-07-15 19:51:24)
Since I can't find an email address for any of the mucky-mucks I'll leave my question here. Did somebody in Eve Survival corner the market on kinetic missiles? Factions that were always recommended to use Thermal on are now Kinetic ie Guristas. Seems like all factions except maybe Sansha are now recommended for Kinetic Titillation?
-- AusDog (2009-11-13 15:34:03)
Any chance we could add DED sites to the page? IE, the name, location (if station) or found via probes, DED level, # and types of bad guys, number of rooms, etc?
-- TirrusRex (2009-11-17 23:47:57)
Seems I was right. Kinetic missiles have doubled in price at Jita. And I agree with T-Rex that this would be useful info.
-- AusDog (2009-11-22 06:16:20)
Recent returnee to EVE here, pleased to see mission DB in a wiki form. As I'm starting over, rather than resuming work on my old char, I get to see how the changes to the game affects the newbies (the difference is MASSIVE, with small rigs introduced). I'm updating level 2 missions as I go along, to let them reflect the fact that in most cases (ALL cases, so far) a cruiser is overkill; a rigged low-tech Punisher will perform brilliantly. Notes on the Punisher project being written under my name.
-- MacLypse (2009-11-24 15:03:46)
Can anyone that is able to edit the start page create a new section for Incursions?
-- MuhKobb (2011-01-26 10:07:55)
Me thinks only Chepe Nolon has access to that :)
-- HoshiIsamu (2011-01-28 18:29:03)
R and L Electronics has a TM281A
RandL has link to Manufacturer info on the TM281A here.
R&L has a link to the Eham review on the TM281A here.
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