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===Scout Sites (3-5 pilots)===
[[NationIndustrialProxy Nation Industrial Proxy]]
[[DistressBeacon Distress Beacon]]
[[ForwardReconnaissanceOutpost Forward Reconnaissance Outpost]]
[[PropagandaCluster Propaganda Cluster]]

===Vanguard Sites (5-10 pilots)===
[[NationMiningColony Nation Mining Colony]]
[[NationCommanderOutpost Nation Commander Outpost]]
[[OverrideTransferArray Override Transfer Array]]

===Assault Sites (10-20 pilots)===
[[OverwhelmedCivilianFacility Overwhelmed Civilian Facility]]
Nation Consolidation Network
[[NationCommanderStronghold Nation Commander Stronghold]]

===Headquarters Sites (20-50 pilots)===
[[TruePowerProvisionalHeadquarters True Power Provisional Headquarters]]
True Creations Research Center
[[NationRebirthFacility Nation Rebirth Facility]]
[[TheKundaliniManifest The Kundalini Manifest]]

===Useful Information===
[[IncursionConstelationLayout Incursion Constellation Layout]]
[[IncursionArmorWorkshop Incursion Ship Fittings - Armor]]
R and L Electronics has a AT180
ICOM AT180, AT-180 , 160-6m AUTO ANTENNA TUNER for IC706/718/7000/7200
R&L has a link to the Eham review on the AT180 here.
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