Interstellar Railroad Level 1

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Part 1 of 4

Mission Type: Courier / Kill

Faction: Minmatar, Amarr

Objective: Approach the Amarr-Caldari Mediation Center, pick up the Amarrian diplomat and bring him to agent's station.

Item: One unit of Amarrian Diplomat (1.0 m3)

Ship Restrictions: Normal

Completed in: Thrasher

Single Pocket

1x Destroyer (Republic Bormin) - Appears at 50km range, Aggros when you are about 15km distance to Amarr-Caldari Mediation Center.


Part 2 of 4

Mission Type: Courier

Objective: Pick up / Deliver Missions Reports (3.0 m3)

Part 3 of 4

Mission Type: Courier / Kill

Objective: Pick up / Deliver Slaver Hound (16.0 m3)


Part 4 of 4

Mission Type: Kill

Objective: Kill the Amarrian traitor and her bodyguards.

Single Pocket

3x Frigates ("The Traitor") is Amarr, Bodyguard (2x) are Minmatar.




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