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======Mission Reports: COSMOS======

- Please refer to the Generic Mission Reports for notes, guides, templates, advice on reporting etc.
- This page only lists COSMOS mission reports, helping to keep the main MissionReports shorter and thus easier on the ingame browser.
- **This page may not be up to date.**

Corpse Dealer (COSMOS, 3 parts) [[CorpseDealer Level 3]]

Federal Inspection (Cosmos - 5 missions) [[FederalInspection3 Level 3]]

Hidden Truths (Cosmos) [[HiddenTruths Level 2]]

Infiltration (Cosmos, 3 parts) [[InfiltrationCOSMOS Level 3]]

Lost Love (Gurista) (Cosmos) [[LostLoveManchuraThePirate2of3 Level 4]]

Manel's Dissaperance (Cosmos) [[ManelsDisappearance3 Level 3]]

Nefarious Business (Cosmos, 4 parts) [[NefariousBusiness Level 3]]

Rescue Isone Flosin (Cosmos) [[RescueIsoneFlosin3se Level 3]]
Revenge is sweet (Cosmos) [[RevengeIsSweet3 Level 3]]
Rogue Drone Risk (Cosmos) [[RogueDroneRisk Level 1]]

Terrorist At Large (Cosmos) [[TerroristAtLarge Level 2]]
Tourist Run (Cosmos) [[TouristRun2 Level 2]]
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YAESU FT817ND, FT-817ND , HF/6m/2m/70cm W/60m
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R&L has a link to the Eham review on the FT817ND here.
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