Nine Tenths Of The Wormhole (level 4) (STORYLINE Sansha)

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Faction: Sansha
Mission type: Storyline-Encounter
Space type: Normal space without gate
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal
Extras None
Web/scramble: none
Recommended damage dealing: EM primary, Thermal Secondary
Recommended ship classes: Battleship, HAC, T3
Recommended generic setup: Sniper fit with heavy tank (500+ em/thermal) or speed tank and orbit BS at 10km

Single Pocket

Group 1 (40km from warpin)

3x Battleship (Centus tyrant/Dread Lord)
3x Cruiser (Centatis phantasm) (trigger)

Group 2 (spawn at 40km at the wormhole)

3x Frigate (Centii loyal butcher)
2-3 x Battleship (Centus tyrants) (Trigger)

Group 3 (spawn at 40k at the wormhole)

4x Battleship (Centus Dread Lord) (Trigger)
3x Cruiser (Centum Loyal Torturer/Centum Loyal Hellhound)

Group 4 (spawn at 40km at the wormhole)

3-4 x Battleship (Centus Tyrant)
3-4 x Cruiser (Centatis Phantasm/Centatis Devil)

18.5m to 22m bounties
Poor loot, fair salvage
blitz impossilbe all ships must die


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