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======Silence The Informant, Level 4======

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Faction: Drones, Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with Acceleration Gate
Damage dealt: Th=45.06%, Kn=28.87%, Em=16.8%, Ex=9.2%
Web/Scramble: Mercenary Wingman, Spider Drones. **Many webbers x6-8 at second room**
Extras: NA
Recommended damage dealing: Therm/Kin
Recommended ships: Raven, CNR, Golem, Drake, Domi, Sleipnir
Video: [[ Navy Raven]][[ Tengu]][[ Raven]][[ CNR]]

Acceleration Gate into Deadspace

====Pocket 1 (Drones)====

Auto-aggro from Group 1 sentries upon warp-in. Group 4 will show up several seconds after warp-in.

Note (for people with terrible tank): The constant fire from the sentry towers will erode even the heartiest of shields.

__Attacking any of the sentry towers of Group 1 will aggro the entire pocket (this can be used to get the attention of group 3 without having to fly closer to them).__

Group 2 & 4 can be attacked independently without drawing pocket aggro.
No drone aggro. You can deploy drones normally, but watch out if you have them set to aggressive. They may attack Group 1 and cause (unwanted) full aggro.

{{image url="" title="Silence The Informant (Pocket 1)" alt="Pocket 1 initial groups at warp-in"}}

===Group 1 (Auto-aggro): (50-90km)===
2x Tower Sentry Drone II

===Group 2: (50km)===
2x Battleships (Elite Drone Parasite)

===Group 3: (75-90km)===
6x Cruisers/Battlecruisers (Disintegrator Alvum/Enforcer/Striker Alvatis)

===Group 4 : (50-60km)===
3x Battleships (Elite Drone Parasite)

- Elite Drone Parasite battleships will deal heavy Thermal/Kin damage.
- Recommended order for elimination : Group 2, Group 4, Group 3 and finally Group 1.
- Recommend therm dmg here (or kinetic if you have bonus).
- The sentry towers do not have to destroyed to be able to use the gate.

===Ships detail:===
||(x:2;y:2) |=|(y:2){text-align:center}Orbit|=|(y:2)Max.""<br/>""Velocity|=|(y:2)Shield""<br/>""(HP)|=|(y:2)Armor""<br/>""(HP)
|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px}Shield Resistances (%)|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px}Armor Resistances (%)|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px;text-align:center}DPS (HP/s)||
||5x||[[ Elite Drone Parasite]]||40,000m||250m/s||3,000||5,500
||6x||[[ Disintegrator Alvum]]||3,250m||450m/s||1,500||600
||2x||[[ Tower Sentry Drone II]]||-||-||500||1,600
|=|(x:2) 13 total ships|=|(x:2) Averages/Totals||25,000||34,300

====Pocket 2 (Mercenaries)====

Auto-aggro from Group 1 upon warp-in. This group can be eliminated safely without drawing aggro from the entire pocket.

Groups 2 and 3 will show up several seconds after warp-in.
There does not appear to be any proximity aggro for Group 2 as you sit close next to the warp gate.

{{image url="" title="Silence The Informant (Pocket 2)" alt="Pocket 2 Initial Group At Warp-In."}}

===Group 1 (Auto-aggro): (50-60km)===
2x Frigates (Spider Drone I) **Web**
3x Elite Frigates (Mercenary Wingman) **Web/Scramble**
5x Cruisers (Mercenary Commander)

===Group 2: Acceleration Gate (8-10km)===
4x Elite Frigates (Mercenary Wingman) **Web/Scramble**
4x Cruisers (Mercenary Commander)
1x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord)

===Group 3: Asteroid Mining Post (55-60km)===
2x Frigates (Spider Drone I) **Web**
1x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord - Jericho Tezmar)
1x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord - Roranok Nesmyrthas)

===Group 4: Ruined Stargate (75-80km)===
6x Cruisers (Mercenary Commander)
1x Battleship (Mercenary Overlord - Yarl Uzbeki)

- Recommended order for elimination : Group 1, Group 2, Group 3 and finally Group 4.
- Recommended damage is therm (kin if you have bonus)

===Ships detail:===
||(x:2;y:2) |=|(y:2){text-align:center}Orbit|=|(y:2)Max.""<br/>""Velocity|=|(y:2)Shield""<br/>""(HP)|=|(y:2)Armor""<br/>""(HP)
|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px}Shield Resistances (%)|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px}Armor Resistances (%)|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px;text-align:center}DPS (HP/s)||
||4x||[[ Spider Drone]]||7,500m||3,000m/s||450||250
||7x||[[ Mercenary Wingman]]||8,500m||900m/s||325||325
||15x||[[ Mercenary Commander]]||15,000m||400m/s||1,200||1,800
||4x||[[ Mercenary Overlord]]||3,500m||400m/s||3,975||3,500
|=|(x:2) 30 total ships|=|(x:2) Averages/Totals||25,800||44,300

====Pocket 3 (Ex-Elite Secret Agent)====

Auto-aggro from Group 1 sentries upon warp-in. Some sentries at over 100km will not aggro until you approach to 99km or below.
Attacking any of the sentries will aggro the lone cruiser.

{{image url="" title="Silence The Informant (Pocket 3)" alt="Pocket 3 Initial Group At Warp-In."}}

===Group 1 (Auto-aggro): (60-100km)===
3x Tower Sentry Drone II
5x Tower Sentry Drone III

===Group 2: (75km)===
1x Cruiser (Ex-Elite Secret Agent - Kioran Jeraulek)

- Therm damage recommended.
- The mission is flagged completed once you've killed the named Ex-Elite Secret Agent.
- The Road House structure drops very few T1 modules and has low hitpoints.

- There is no blitz, you have to kill everything in Pocket 1 & 2 to get to Pocket 3.
- Pocket 3: Snipe and kill the lone cruiser. Warp out.

Full Clear: 6,144,688 ISK

==Loot + Salvage==

- Sentries may drop ammo.
- Roadhouse drops random T1 loot.

In ""Pocket 2"" are 4 Roids of 1200 units of Veldspar each (4800 units total) 56 KM to 90 KM from the entry.

===Ships detail:===
||(x:2;y:2) |=|(y:2){text-align:center}Orbit|=|(y:2)Max.""<br/>""Velocity|=|(y:2)Shield""<br/>""(HP)|=|(y:2)Armor""<br/>""(HP)
|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px}Shield Resistances (%)|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px}Armor Resistances (%)|=|(x:4){border-left-width:3px;text-align:center}DPS (HP/s)||
||3x||[[ Tower Sentry Drone II]]||-||-||500||1,600
||5x||[[ Tower Sentry Drone III]]||-||-||1,000||3,200
||1x||[[ Ex-Elite Service Agent]]||5,000m||400m/s||2,250||2,000
|=|(x:2) 9 total ships|=|(x:2) Averages/Totals||8,750||22,800

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