Worlds Collide, Level 4

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Faction: Angel and Sansha
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: All damage types, see notes - Mainly Exp, Kin (Angel) / EM, Therm (Sansha)
Web/Scramble: All Elite Frigate types. Spy frigates only webs.
Extras: Target Painters (Angel Arch Gistum Crusher)
Recommended damage dealing: Exp, Kin (Angel) / EM, Therm (Sansha); Max orbit 49km (Centus Dark Lord)
Recommended ships: Sleipnir, Raven, CNR, Drake

Note: Heavy drone aggro in Angel & Sansha Pocket 2. Setting drones to passive in order to avoid accidental aggro is recommended.

This is not a drone friendly mission. However, one thing I notice since the AI update is a "glitch". If you do not shoot anyone, and you release more than one drone shooting at one target. Once they start shooting at one of your drones you can scoop that drone back into the bay. The foes should not shoot at your other drones. This "glitch" maybe fixed down the road.

This is a time consuming mission if you do both the Angel & Sansha sides.

Pocket 1 (War Zone)

The two gates are locked until you kill the trigger ship from each faction. The trigger ships are ALWAYS a Gist War General and Centus Savage Lord from the respective groups.

NO aggro from the initial groups until you attack them. Each group can be aggroed independently.
Drones can be safely deployed to attack any group with aggroing the entire pocket.

War Zone At Warp-In

Angel Group

4x Elite Frigates (Arch Gistii Impaler/Hunter) Web/Scramble
1x Elite Cruiser (Arch Gistum Smasher/Crusher) Target Paint (Arch Gistum Crusher)
5x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Primus/Tribuni)
3x Battleships (Gist War General/General/Commander) Gate Unlock Trigger (Gist War General)

NOTE: I notice since the AI update the ships react to the type of drones you use. While using long range sentry drones the foes try to get out of the drones ranges by getting closer. While using short range sentry drones the foes try to move away.

Sansha Group

3x Elite Frigates (Centii Loyal Ravener/Scavanger) Web/Scramble
3x Battlecruisers (Centatis Specter/Wraith)
4x Battleships (Centus Savage Lord/Overlord/Beast Lord/Dark Lord) Gate Unlock Trigger (Centus Savage Lord)


Pocket 2 (Angel Base)

On warp-in, Group 1 will auto aggro. The Angel Spy frigates do not scramble but they do web. DO watch for Thugs and Outlaws srcams. All ships in this pocket have to be destroyed to unlock the gate.


NO aggro from the other groups until you attack them. Each group can be aggroed independently.

Angel Base At Warp-In

Group 1 (Auto-aggro):

2-3km from warp in
2x Frigates (Angel Viper (named Angel Spy)) Web
3x Angel Sentry Guns (Tower Sentry Angel III)

Group 2:

3x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Praefectus/Tribuni)
2x Battleships (Gist Saint/Warlord)

Group 3:

20-30km from warp in
5x Destroyers (Gistior Seizer/Thrasher)
3x Elite Cruisers (Arch Gistum Phalanx/Centurion)

Group 4:

20-30 km from warp ni
6x Elite Frigates (Arch Gistii Thug/Outlaw) Web/Scramble
4x Battleships (Gist General/Commander)

Random Spawn (Auto-aggro):

1x Battleship (Angel Overseer)


Pocket 2 (Sansha Base)

On warp-in, Group 1 will auto aggro. The Sansha Spy frigates do not scramble but they do web.


NO aggro from the other groups until you attack them. Each group can be aggroed independently.

Sansha Base At Warp-In

Group 1 (Auto-aggro):

2x Frigates (Sansha's Berserker (named Sansha Spy)) Web
3x Battleships (Centus Dread Lord/Savage Lord/Dark Lord/Beast Lord)

Group 2:

5x Destroyers (Centior Monster/Abomination)
4x Battleships (Centus Dark Lord/Beast Lord/Overlord)

Group 3:

4x Elite Frigates (Centii Loyal Scavanger/Ravener) Web/Scramble
5x Elite Cruisers (Centum Loyal Hellhound/Fiend)
3x Battleships (Centus Savage Lord/Plague Lord/Mutant Lord/Slave Lord)

Random Spawn (Auto-aggro):

1x Battleship (Sansha’s Overseer)


Pocket 3 (Research Outpost)

You will warp-in randomly around 5km from the Heron. In addition to the immediate aggro from Group 1, there is a small chance that one or more other groups will aggro due to proximity triggers.
If this happens, start moving away from the remaining neutral groups and check if the webbing/scrambling Elite Frigates have you locked. Kill them first if they have you locked.

If you are fleeted with friends, have them focus fire on Group 1 or any groups that have been aggroed by mistake.
The FIRST ship needs to act as an Fleet Commander and assign the appropiate targets. A common mistake is to have everyone shoot random or their closest target, which leads to the whole pocket being aggroed.

Sometimes fleet members that enter later will land differently and aggro groups that were unaggroed. If this includes the elite frigates and they scramble the new arrival, it can mean a quick death. All fleet members should have at least enough tank to survive until the scramblers are cleared. Having the lead ship tank the entire pocket is extremely difficult, as it can put down 1300-1500 dps, in a wide variety of configurations. Here are some (extreme) examples:

NO drone aggro for the entire pocket. You can deploy drones normally.

Research Outpost At Warp-In

Group 1:

3x Elite Cruisers (Arch Gistum Phalanx/Centurion)
2x Battleships (Gist War General/Warlord)

Group 2:

4x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Legionnaire/Primus)
1x Battleship (Gist Warlord/Malakim)

Group 3:

5x Destroyers (Gistior Thrasher/Seizer)
3x Battleships (Gist Saint/Warlord/Malakim)

Group 4:

4x Elite Frigates (Arch Gistii Hijacker/Rogue) Web/Scramble
1x Battleship (Gist Nephilim/Cherubim)



This video is one of many ways to do this mission. (The game got super glitch during the video. (I gave the GM a heads up) Anyways, I'm going to redo this mission down the road)I did leave out the fact you need to pick up the guys and bring them back to your agent.


Loot + Salvage


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