Class 1 W-Space Cosmic Signatures

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This is the full list of class 1 w-space cosmic signatures.

You may bookmark this link if you are living in a class 1 system.

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Cosmic Anomaly

Perimeter Ambush Point (Class 1)
Perimeter Camp (Class 1)
Phase Catalyst Node (Class 1)
The Line (Class 1)

Relic Sites

Forgotten Perimeter Coronation Platform (Class 1)
Forgotten Perimeter Power Array (Class 1)

Data Sites

Unsecured Perimeter Amplifier (Class 1)
Unsecured Perimeter Information Center (Class 1)

Gas Sites

Barren Perimeter Reservoir (Class 1)
Minor Perimeter Reservoir (Class 1)
Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir (Class 1)
Token Perimeter Reservoir (Class 1)
Sizeable Perimeter Reservoir (Class 1)

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