Class 3 W-Space Cosmic Signatures

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This is the full list of class 3 w-space cosmic signatures.

You may bookmark this link if you are living in a class 3 system.

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Cosmic Anomalies

Fortification Frontier Stronghold (Class 3)
Outpost Frontier Stronghold (Class 3)
Solar Cell (Class 3)
The Oruze Construct (Class 3)

Ore Sites

Unusual Core Deposit (Class 3)
Infrequent Core Deposit (Class 3)
Uncommon Core Deposit (Class 3)
Isolated Core Deposit (Class 3)
Average Frontier Deposit (Class 3)
Unexceptional Frontier Deposit (Class 3)
Common Perimeter Deposit (Class 3)
Ordinary Perimeter Deposit (Class 3)

Cosmic Signatures

Relic Sites

Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost (Class 3)
Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot (Class 3)

Data Sites

Unsecured Frontier Database (Class 3)
Unsecured Frontier Receiver (Class 3)

Gas Sites

Vast Frontier Reservoir (Class 3)
Bountiful Frontier Reservoir (Class 3)
Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir (Class 3)
Sizeable Perimeter Reservoir (Class 3)
Minor Perimeter Reservoir (Class 3)
Token Perimeter Reservoir (Class 3)
Barren Perimeter Reservoir (Class 3)
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