Class 3 W-Space Cosmic Signatures

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This is the full list of class 3 w-space cosmic signatures.

You may bookmark this link if you are living in a class 3 system.

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Cosmic Anomaly

Fortification Frontier Stronghold (Class 3)
Outpost Frontier Stronghold (Class 3)
Solar Cell (Class 3)
The Oruze Construct (Class 3)

Relic Sites

Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost (Class 3)
Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot (Class 3)

Data Sites

Unsecured Frontier Database (Class 3)
Unsecured Frontier Receiver (Class 3)

Gas Sites

Barren Perimeter Reservoir
Bountiful Frontier Reservoir
Minor Perimeter Reservoir
Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir
Token Perimeter Reservoir
Vast Frontier Reservoir

Ore Sites

Average Frontier Deposit
Infrequent Core Deposit
Unexceptional Frontier Deposit
Unusual Core Deposit
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