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=====Class 3 W-Space Cosmic Signatures=====

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This is the full list of class 3 w-space cosmic signatures.

You may bookmark this link if you are living in a class 3 system.

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===**Cosmic Anomalies**===
[[FortificationFrontierStronghold Fortification Frontier Stronghold]] (Class 3)
[[OutpostFrontierStronghold Outpost Frontier Stronghold]] (Class 3)
[[SolarCell Solar Cell]] (Class 3)
[[TheOruzeConstruct The Oruze Construct]] (Class 3)

===Ore Sites===
[[UnusualCoreDeposit Unusual Core Deposit]] (Class 3)
[[InfrequentCoreDeposit Infrequent Core Deposit]] (Class 3)
[[UncommonCoreDeposit Uncommon Core Deposit]] (Class 3)
[[IsolatedCoreDeposit Isolated Core Deposit]] (Class 3)
[[AverageFrontierDeposit Average Frontier Deposit]] (Class 3)
[[UnexceptionalFrontierDeposit Unexceptional Frontier Deposit]] (Class 3)
[[CommonPerimeterDeposit Common Perimeter Deposit]] (Class 3)
[[OrdinaryPerimeterDeposit Ordinary Perimeter Deposit]] (Class 3)

===**Cosmic Signatures**===

===Relic Sites===
[[ForgottenFrontierQuarantineOutpost Forgotten Frontier Quarantine Outpost]] (Class 3)
[[ForgottenFrontierRecursiveDepot Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot]] (Class 3)

===Data Sites===
[[UnsecuredFrontierDatabase Unsecured Frontier Database]] (Class 3)
[[UnsecuredFrontierReceiver Unsecured Frontier Receiver]] (Class 3)

===Gas Sites===
[[VastFrontierReservoir Vast Frontier Reservoir]] (Class 3)
[[BountifulFrontierReservoir Bountiful Frontier Reservoir]] (Class 3)
[[OrdinaryPerimeterReservoir Ordinary Perimeter Reservoir]] (Class 3)
[[SizeablePerimeterReservoir Sizeable Perimeter Reservoir]] (Class 3)
[[MinorPerimeterReservoir Minor Perimeter Reservoir]] (Class 3)
[[TokenPerimeterReservoir Token Perimeter Reservoir]] (Class 3)
[[BarrenPerimeterReservoir Barren Perimeter Reservoir]] (Class 3)
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