The Angel Cartel Spies, Level 4

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Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Explosive/ Kinetic/ Thermal
Web/ Scramble: Stasis Tower
Recommended damage dealing: Explosive/ Kinetic
Recommended ships: Drake, Raven, Dominix

May [Fleet] warp to preferred distance.

Single Pocket

Auto Aggro at warp in

Single Group (50km)

1x Stasis Tower
2x Angel Heavy Missile Battery
4x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Praefectus/Tribunis)
3x Battleships (Gist Warlord/Saint/Nephilim)

ignore Stasis Tower and Missile Batteries.

Barrack drops T1 ammo and cap boosters occasionally.

Comment by AmirBaki
2009-01-28 23:20:38
Did this in a Dominix, pretty easy, only needed to run one repper and didnt even really need to run it permanently, with 2x Exp, 1x Adaptive nano II and 1x DCU II
Comment by ThodMia
2009-02-22 03:45:27
Tempest does this easy. Yeah, the repper is on, but never cuts into the tank.

2x Exp/2x kin, Rep. Fleet Fusion ammo...It's easy as anything.
Comment by ThodMia
2009-03-21 01:44:18
I actually got a spawn of 2 Saints and one Nephilim.
Comment by RuoBoat
2009-06-23 04:01:36
Didn't find a bunker, also should note that the pocket auto-aggros, starting with the tower and batteries.
Comment by ExileZero
2009-09-13 00:28:16
Warping in at 0m still places you about 30km from the opposition. Quick and easy mission.
Aggregate Bounties: 1.9 mill ISK
Comment by JeroNica
2010-04-05 16:29:59
This mission is a joke. Takes 5min to do tops!
Comment by SyzGre
2010-09-25 22:57:16
Done in a NavyDomi (1x Exp Hardener T2, 2x NavyEANM) with pure Gankfit. All NPCs down, 50% Armor left. Repper was not activated once. -_-
Time to completion: around 3 Minutes at 900 DPS.
2011-02-16 21:19:47
Easy shit in a Tengu.
Comment by EloisePasteur
2012-02-10 08:03:00
I'm still working on T2 Sentries but with T1s in a Domi this was easy. I kept the rapper on but they didn't do much damage really. Not firing Gardes at things out of range and less chatting in an off channel would have made it faster but even so it was less than 20 minutes.
Comment by EloisePasteur
2012-02-10 08:04:21
Barracks rather than a bunker for me that dropped loot. Not worth much, 100 PP Large and 10 Cap Booster 50's. w00t.

2 Million in bounties as well as pay.
Comment by ReaverGlitterstim
2012-08-30 21:31:09
Mission completed when the last hostile was killed, that was a Gist Nephilim (long range BS).
I landed about 35-40km away from the stasis tower. By other people's comments, it seems to vary in distance quite a lot.
Comment by EveMir
2013-09-22 13:48:19
Only 260k in loot. Waste of fuel. ;)
2 mil bounty.
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