The Assault, Level 4

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gates
Damage dealt: Thermal/ Kinetic
Web/ Warp Disruptor: Guardian Frigates
Extras: Dampening
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/ Thermal
Video: Dominix, Vargur, Golem, Apocalypse Imperial Issue (Sniper)

Fitting an extra Sensor Booster or Signal Amplifier is recommended to counteract the dampening.

No Hostiles at the initial gate.

1st Pocket

Attacking the 1st group might aggro the 2nd group. Attacking the 3rd Group will aggro the 2nd group. The 4th group is passive.
Best to tag the triggers on warp-in.

1st Group (Center Left)

2x Elite Frigate (Coreli Guardian Agent/ Spy) Orbit at 9km Web/ Warp Disruptor
4x Elite Cruiser (Corelum Guardian Chief Patroler/ Watchman) Orbit at 17km Dampening

2nd Group (52- 61km, Minmatar Starbase Control Tower)

5x Destroyer (Corelior Infantry/ Sentinel)
3x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Platoon Leader/ Squad Leader) Attack Trigger
4x Battleship (Core Flotilla Admiral/ Rear Admiral) Attack Trigger, Dampening

3rd Group (57- 60km, Center Right)

3x Destroyer (Corelior Infantry/ Sentinel)
4x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader/ Platoon Leader)
2x Battleship (Core Rear Admiral) Dampening

4th Group (60- 66km, Radio Telescope)

4x Battleship (Core rear Admiral) Dampening

Single Spawn (50km)

3- 4x Frigate (Guardian Protector) Orbit at 9km Web/ Warp Disruptor
3- 4x Battleship (Core Port Admiral/ Rear Admiral/ Vice Admiral Orbit at 38km) Dampening

2nd Pocket

1st Group (54- 70km, Research Test Area)

Auto aggro.
3x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader/ Platoon Leader)
6x Battleship (Core Commodore/ Port Admiral)

2nd Group (10- 21km, Beacon)

Auto aggro.
4x Frigate (Coreli Guardian Agent/ Spy) Web/ Warp Disruptor

3rd Group (71- 80km, Nefantar Research Station Ruins)

3x Destroyer (Corelior Sentinel/ Cannoneer)
2x Battleship (Core High Admiral/ Grand Admiral) Trigger

Single Spawn (64- 67km, Research Test Area)

4x Elite Frigate (Coreli Guardian Defender/ Guard/ Safeguard)
4x Battleship (Core/ Flotilla Admiral/ Vice Admiral) Dampening

3rd Pocket

Drone Aggro from 1st group.
Proximity aggro from group 2 at ~40km.

1st Group (59- 70km, Asteroid)

2x Elite Frigate (Coreli Guardian Agent) Web/ Warp Disruptor
2x Cruiser (Corelum Guardian Chief Infantry/ Sentinel)
3x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader/ Platoon Leader)
1x Battleship (Core High Admiral)

2nd Group (80- 100km, Debris)

1x Cruiser (Corelum Chief Sentinel)
1x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Platoon Leader)
3x Battleship (Core Port Admiral/ Rear Admiral)

1st and 2nd Pocket: the gates are unlocked, blitz right through. Gates in 1st and 2nd pocket will be within 2.5 km when you land, so no need to travel far. However, frigates near the gate might point you and you will need to clear them before you can take the gate.
3rd Pocket: destroy the 2nd group, done.

1st Pocket: 30x Plagioclase (~600K units), 16x Pyroxeres (~575K units) 45x Veldspar (~1.3 mil units) asteroids (47- 60km).
2nd Pocket: 35x Veldspar asteroids (63- 96km)

No loot.

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~25.1 mil
Bounty: ~20.8 to 23 mil

Comment by RamZahn
2008-07-09 03:58:46
You have to be exceedingly careful with that first room. Get distance! Then take each group separately. The combined aggro of that room is not for everyone.

Try to keep (tank) those two trigger ships until you have cleared the rest of the room. And watch those other groups! They have a tendency to creep slowly nearer without openly advertising their intend. This makes it especially difficult for your drones. Remember to take out those sensor dampening cruisers. They are evil.
Comment by CreatPosudol
2008-07-15 18:35:11
I don't think I ever got though the first stage without getting stage aggro or having to take it manualy to get them off my drones permanently (flying a dominix). It is a lot of DPS though (all in all at least around 1300 or so). If you're using drones you'll have to keep a close eye on them. Group 4 (the 4 BS) usualy starts shooting them if they get too close...
Comment by TonyT
2008-07-26 16:00:50
In the first room of this mission I was down to 2 BSes when 6 more rats appeared. 3 frigates and 3 more BSes entered the room and auto-aggroed. I am not positive, but believe that spawn was 3 Gaurdian Spies and 3 Core Admirals.

I did not notice the discrepancy with this report until looking for tips on room 2. n.b. I did spend a good deal of time 35-40 minutes in this stage before the new spawn arrived.
Comment by UnidentifiedCoward
2008-08-29 03:33:06
This mission was very easily tanked with full room aggro on a Domi with dual LAR IIs and 2x Therm Hardeners IIs and 1 x Kin Hardener II. Ogre IIs chewed through this mission.
Comment by KimbeauSurveryor
2008-09-06 07:06:12
Hmm. I found that I needed more Hardeners to tank the whole room than UnidentifiedCoward suggests. I had dual LAR IIs, 3x Therm Hardeners II and 2 x Kin Hardener II, and that was fine.
Comment by PrudPetitpas
2008-09-10 17:34:39
my suggestion for a drake : scourge and scourge furry for short range + techII light scout drones + standard drake shield protection
First room : difficulty shield :50% full (average)
group 4, group 1, group 3 and finally group 2
trigger was a core Admiral. Spawn at first shoot.
spawn : 3 core port Admiral + some frigates I think
Second room : difficulty shield : 60-90% full (very easy)
group 1 and 2 then group 3
trigger was a Core High Admiral. Spawn at first shoot.
spawn 4 vice admiral + frigates
Third room : difficulty shield :90% (no difficulty)
group 1 then group2 ( Both group at the same time should also be OK)
Comment by UnidentifiedCoward
2008-09-12 20:22:14
I should add that that there was an EANM II to round out the low slots and that I have all of the Armor compensation skills at Level IV. Still, the damage types are accurate and you can fit to jus the damage delivered.
Comment by AshareeIntrefer
2008-09-16 21:55:17
More or less an afk job in Ishtar:

1 - Start out kiting, take out Guardian frigs.
(1b - Take out Guardian cruisers to cut down damping for step 2, not necessary but reduces the hassle of trying to lock between damping cycles)

2 - Trigger extra spawn and take out Guardian frigs
(2b - Reel in drones if they take aggro from the new spawn)

3 - Aggro the rest of the pocket, orbit something at 40km or so with AB on... and after that not much more supervision is required while the drones do their job.

Pocket 2 is about the same, but seems to be less to worry about in the triggered spawn.

I run this with one MAR II and two hardeners, so there's two low slots left which there's not much use for when semi-afk and letting the drones to the work... could probably fit for speed and go fast enough to outrun the Guardian frigs as well.
Comment by KaelStarfly
2008-09-20 19:43:57
The DPS in the first room is indeed high. I had my tank configured for about 500 dps and I had to warp out once. I did agro all but one group almost immediately, and I do not think there was anything I could do about it. As one person already said, a bunch of ships approach you and then agro you. If I could have managed to agro one or even two groups at a time then it would not have been hard.

A bunch of battleships in the first room use autocannons, so try to keep your distance. If you can stay 10k+ away from them then you greatly decrease their DPS.

Nothing scrambled me, so it was no big deal to warp out then come back. I had my droneses take out the frigates ASAP to knock out any potential scramblers.

I would guess the room is about 800-1,000 DPS if you agro most of the room. Someone said earlier that it is about 1,300 DPS in the first room, and that's probably about right if you agro all groups at once.

The second and third rooms are a joke.
Comment by SazukaKirr
2008-10-02 19:06:03
Having read the comments about the excessive amount of DPS in the first room, I decided to blitz it. You warp in directly on top of the acceleration gate to the second pocket so so you may as well take it!
Comment by PorlenzColhart
2008-10-08 21:15:23
If you skip the first room you're walking away from a lot of ISK, there are about 20m worth of bounties on this mission. Tanked with a Phoon with two large reppers, EANM, two kinetic and one thermal hardener with no problem, ran one repper most of the time and rarely needed two (I am faction fit however).

In the third pocket the whole room aggro'd me once I took on the closest target.

Nice mission for bounties and salvage.
Comment by AccuRus
2008-11-04 15:43:12
This is a walk in the park in a Maelstrom, just keep everything at range and you are laughing in the first room. Took the groups out in order, theres the random spawn that appears when you pwn a bs. Used dbl therm and kin hards, had to boost once. I only use the drones to take of the little webbing buggers. Job done.
Comment by Calarin42
2008-11-09 23:05:35
domi with 2x LAR II, 3x Thermic Hardener II, 2x Kinetic hardener II tanks about 1050 dps against serpentis, so tanking should not be an issue with domi

domi cannot tank all of first room (just ran it) while sitting STILL. have your drones pick off the bcs (after scramming frigs) while orbiting the accel gate at 1000m
Comment by TzeMallory
2008-12-15 12:24:55
On the spawn in the first room - there is a risk of Interceptors packing warp scrams (although not always, I've done it more than once and sometimes no webs/scrams at all) - couple this with poorly managed DPS by getting room aggro before you can handle it and you could put yourself in real trouble.
Comment by MarSaac
2009-01-13 11:13:39
Dont know if this has happened to anyone else but when i killed the 4 rear admirals the rigger was not 4 vice admirals it was 6 (yes 6) new rear admirals plus the 4 interceptors. This put me in real trouble.
Comment by KismetEer
2009-03-14 11:18:23
A passive ishtar with great skills an invuln II can hold the first room, all damage, even the extra spawns, btw. Granted, you can kill some stuff early to make it easier for you, but it's holdable.

There are also plag, pyrx, and veldspar in the first room, not sure how much though.
Comment by MrHellcat
2009-03-24 11:43:03
This has happened to me twice now. In the first pocket I can shot the first group with sentry drones from 85km out without aggro'ing any other group. When I attack the second group the entire room then aggros on to me and my sentry drones (wardens).
Comment by ItPaladin
2009-04-27 03:47:44
Very annoying mission in a Dominix. It is just like that Seven mission where those frigates, no matter how far away you and your targets are from them, ALWAYS aggro on your drones. That mission is so stupid since once you pull them back in the frigs auto warp in a split sec back to their spot (from 10km to you to 140km away it doesnt matter).
I have to constantly pull my Warden II's back in. I AB away from the gate after warping out when two groups at least aggroed after destroying "group 2" with no obvious side aggro.
I hate illogical behavior with NPCs...
Comment by MaciejSimm
2009-06-17 00:52:19
For something to do - finished in a ishkur, t2 blasters, orbitting each ship at 1km, 600m/s. With ~150DPS it took a while to clear each room but it was loads more fun than usual battleship style combat.
Comment by MarcoPolo
2009-07-09 15:24:56
Megathron Sniper 7X 425 rails 4X wardens 5X hobos Sensor booster+range script helps avoid most of the dampening as long as you don't get pocket aggro.

Full Clear

Pocket 1
Kill order 1-4-2-3 (group 2 all but trigger BSs)

Moved behind warp gate 2km and sat, killed group 1 no additional aggro, killed group 4 no additional aggro, killed most of group 2 no additonal aggro. Kind of fell apart after I gained remaining pocket aggro (group 3 + spawn) once I attacked the Trigger Battleships in group 2, should have moved on to group 3 first. At this point my drones also gained aggro from the spawn by attacking the Battleships in group 2.

Pocket 2
Didn't move, killed group 2 with hobos. No auto-aggro from group 1 until I got within range of the warp gate and deployed sentries, not sure which condition triggered the aggro, or if I was just lucky today, but group 2 aggroed me and group 3 aggroed my drones. Pulled in drones and group 3 de-aggroed and went back to their initial location. Deploying drones again, even different drones, aggroed group 3 on them again.

Pocket 3
1-2 Buckle my shoe. Structures drop no loot.
Comment by AlmOx
2009-08-04 16:45:45
Group 3 in pocket 1 seems to proximity aggro at 40km
Comment by TksFtw
2009-09-16 05:34:47
Easily done solo in an Abaddon. 2 LAR II, 2 kin 2 therm hardeners. Aggro'd entire room and picked off the frigs/dampers first. Repeat for next room. Pull drones in at spawn and they will be fine.
Comment by ApertureScience
2009-09-28 16:56:23
Easily done solo in a Dominix, 2x LAR IIs, 2x therm IIs and 2x Kine IIs.

Aggroed entire room, unleashed drones, and went to have a nap.
Comment by SpLend0r
2009-10-04 09:28:30
blitz took me 10 minutes with my PIMPshtar. I don't recommend blitzing tho.
Comment by CrashCat
2009-10-25 20:36:37
Domi with 1 LAR II, 2x Thermic Hardener II, 2x Kinetic hardener II, 2x cap relay 2
Mids'3: omnidirectional trackers, cap recharger 2
Rigs: sentry damage augmentor shoots off bs and cruisers from 6km and onwards to 60km and 2 ccc
Drones: gardes, hammerhead, ogres all t2

Pocket 1: picked out group 4, 1 and then 2 and 3 together with the spawn.
Pocket 2: aggroed entire room, picked off the frigs and let the gardes do it's job.
Pocket 3: same as nr.2
Comment by HirnoK
2009-10-31 06:22:00
Pocket 3: OBJECTIVE TRIGGER the last BS (or last ship???) in the Group 2!
Comment by BuilderAlphaOne
2009-12-04 11:25:13
Dec 2009 after Dominion 1.0.1
The majority of the damage is from short range blasters. Distance makes a fine substitute for the 2x LAR II, etc. armor tank.

Pocket 1 ... low dps order verified as:

Group 1 -- nothing else aggros
Group 4 -- nothing else aggros
Group 2 EXCL battleships -- nothing else aggros
Group 2 battleships -- reinforcing spawn shows but Group 3 stays quiet
Reinforcements -- Group 3 does nothing
Group 3 -- last.

Damping from Group 1 is heavy -- you'll fight the cruisers at less than 30km
Flotilla Admiral in Group 4 also damps, but only for about 10 seconds out of every minute.

Pocket 2 ... autoaggro hasn't happened -- twice in a row now. But all three Groups aggro after shooting Group 2.

Pocket 3 ... completion objective is kill ALL ships. Leave smallest if you want to rerun the mission.

T2 equipped Raven with no rigs and T1 Wrath cruise missiles. Kin drones in light and medium sizes. Shields -- three T2 hardeners, three T2 extenders, two T2 spr, one T2 pds -- never below 80% and cap stable.
Comment by LaIvasse
2009-12-24 15:21:43
Can recommend BuilderAlphaOne's run through of Pocket 1. In Pocket 2, I got no auto-aggro but then somehow got full room aggro very quickly despite doing nothing to Group 2.

Still easy if you manage aggro in the other rooms and kite where necessary. My Abaddon with 2kin/2therm T1 hardeners, 1x T1 LAR and 1600mm Rolled Tungsten was, frankly, overtanked.
Comment by ClariusFolkar
2010-01-04 13:44:49
T2 Meta 4 Mega. Armor tanked. Room 1 intially drops tank to 50% on full agro, but once a few BSs are killed, tank never dropped below 90%. Other rooms were very easy. Took about 2.5 hours to finish, loot and salvage (with dedicated Catalyst salvager). Good ISK return:

Reward and Bonus (L4, 15 Agent): 2 Mil
Bounties: 20 Mil
Loot and Salvage: 2000 m3
Comment by CrucO
2010-02-26 23:17:48
a Proteus with DCII and 1Kin/2Therm TII hardeners gets 90/95% mission resists....a medium T2 repper and you're set.
Comment by DorMeu
2010-05-04 14:10:18
I sadly lost my first CNR to this mission!

In the mean while i did it like 50 times since.. here's what i know about the first infamous room:
1. getting the aggro from grop 3 alone is easy, their aggro bubble is verry close to the acceleration gate, just move closer , dont shoot anything..
2. shoot a cruiser in group 1 and wait for them to come closer, just wait! - kill them, you wont aggro any other group in this order
3. shoot at something else than battleship in group 2, this will aggro the entire group, but keep drones on passive, touching Core Vice Amiral will trigger a 3 bs, 3 inty : corelly guardian initiate ..spawn, the intys scramble, the BS will do drone like damage.. wich will be a little higher than usual.
4. what is left? ah, group 4, this group shoots drones, whatever you do , dont shoot them, not first , not later, they will aggro everything, leave them for last

Done in a regular raven with 2 therm hardeners active , and 2 kinetic ones passive :-p

Important notes: Dont draw aggro by shooting bs, unless you are flying a well tanked smaller ship than bs, shooting BS will have undesired effects!
Comment by LordThanos
2010-06-13 23:12:42
Completed in a speedtank Sacrilege.
1x therm hardner, 1x EANM, 1x MAR II / 10mn abII, web, paint / 5x arby heavy assault

Had no problems, I just picked off the ships one by one.
Comment by MarcusDeadgray
2010-08-07 12:44:33
Made with Dominix drone boat. In room3 after some time Core Grand Admiral spawned and dropped 425 Prototype Gauss Gun which has buy price 5-10kk.
Comment by DannarHetoshi
2010-08-20 23:59:10
Completed in a Machariel: T2/Faction Active Shield Tank, 1 Kin & 1 Therm Hardener. Meta 4 Autocannons, T2/Faction Lows: 3x Gyro, 3x Tracking Enhancers.

Did not move on warp in. Killed everything in this order:
Group 1, Group 4, Group 3, Group 2.

Only used shield boost once.

Pocket 2 & 3 are cake walk
Comment by LordNikon
2011-01-19 21:36:33
Completed in an omnitanked faction/complex fitted Tengu w/ afterburner and 2x Rigor II
Strategy for room 1:
1) Pull full room aggro while flying towards the "middle" of the room
2) Drop a can and start orbiting
3) Kill everything beginning with frigates and ending with the battleships. You will mow them down so fast they can hardly get in range. The battleships take a while to kill simply because there are so many of them.

Speedtanking works really well against those battleships in room 1 (serpentis in general really). About 5% of their shots actually hit me. The afterburner was also helpful to counter damping (just move closer).

Entire mission took me 37 minutes to complete.
Comment by SinxarKnights
2011-01-24 00:34:05
I do this with a mostly t2 fitted tengu with a large DG booster, 2x Invul and AB (cap stable).

First room I choose one of the two large veld roids and orbit at 20km with AB. Then kill the web/scram frigs. Shoot the triggers and clear it.

The other rooms are extremely easy compared to the first. I get about 25mil in bounty. Loot + salvage is variable, but generally only a few million at best since the nerf.
Comment by ShadowBuns
2011-02-02 08:12:27
Heavy sensor damping, at over 90km you can avoid this.
Comment by TriAge
2011-05-17 09:08:31
Feared pocket 1 raport:
Compleated with dominix (hardners, and 2x perma LARII)
Amror slowly falling, but enough time, to kill bs-es.
Did it without any problems, with full room agro.
Comment by ProgHouseDJ
2011-05-25 00:33:43
This mission is easy as hell as long as you properly fit your ship and know how to fly it. Completed in an Omni-tank CNR ( with only one of the invuls running. If you are new to this mission, be sure to take out the frigs first with your drones, and focus your heavy fire on the BSes.
Comment by GeksZ
2011-07-02 08:03:45
I think the first pocket's correct group sequence is Group 1, Group 4, and then any of the remaining 2.
If u attack Group 1 first u wont't get any aggro from the other groups, and that is the case with group 4 too!
Comment by TeslaCrat
2011-08-22 20:18:44
I just warped into this mission, fit for Kin/therm. But, and I don't know if anyone has encountered this, it was nothing but EM damage. I know CCP mentioned something about missions getting more unpredictable, but I don't know if this is part of that agenda. I just wanted to give a heads up.
Comment by StoicFaux
2011-09-14 16:37:11
3rd room blitz: Looks like you just need to kill the group with the three battleships in it to complete the mission.
Comment by Dethbringer1
2011-11-05 03:34:22
Completed this mission in Navy Megathron. First group was easy. So was the 4th group. Then I did the 2nd group and left the battleships. Next I started group 3 and a new group of ships spawned. I got into hull mainly because had those other two BS's at point blank range. I killed most of group 3 and warped out. I switched a cap charger for a medium hull repper and finished the mission while repping my ship with no problems. I think next time ill finish group 4 completely before attacking group 3.
Rigs=Cap Cntrl Cir I's
Guns=425mm railguns and a drone link
medium slots=cap charger x1, sensor booster x 2,and LIF MWD x1
Low slots=fuel injector x2, Mag Stab x3, Med Armor repper, dmg ctrl, magnetic plating. I know everyone thinks this is a fail fit but you have no idea how I play. Done Hundreds of missions and havent lost a mega yet.
Comment by MaryJanet
2011-11-18 11:44:07
In pocket one, attacking group 4 also aggros group 1 (second time in a row that this happened). Takes a bit of time cause of the dampeners, but 2kin tech2 and 2 therm tech2 hardeners and 1 LAR 2 seem to hold at 100% armor
Comment by ProteusCronus
2011-11-24 22:35:36
I was able to tank the full room in a Vargur with 2 HDF II's, a BDF II, and a Gist-B booster. But I was web, scrammed, and sensor damped to a point where things were unpleasant. Go full-on tank and be careful with agro.
Comment by EloisePasteur
2012-01-03 19:47:53
I've only done this once but agree that attacking group 4 in pocket 1 also aggros group 1.

It wasn't hard but unless you fit for extreme range and snipe them, be prepared to get up close and personal. I was frequently damped to <20km range and occasionally to <10km. I don't know that I've regularly used my ACs within optimal range unless they charge me but I did doing this mission.

Note too that although they mostly die fairly comfortably, small ships to Hobgobs/Hammerheads, big ships to guns, the Guardian Chief X ships seem to have t2-type resists and your drones may need a hand.

Webbing was never an issue for me, but I got scrammed by a couple of frigates. It might have been appreciably nastier with webbing as well, but I could always manoeuvre comfortably.

Although I don't have a Vaga to try it with, I think it might rip this up - fighting within 10km shouldn't be a challenge for most Vaga fits after all so you'd effectively ignore the damping.
Comment by LocutusBorg
2012-10-03 04:30:59
WARNING !!! I just did this mission and the first is even more dangerous than described:

Almost every ship uses a sensor dampener on you! I got stripped from 100km locking range down to 16km => Sniping is totally out of the question.
This means they all will be in firering range before you can shoot back - and that's a lot of DPS (8 BS + full cruiser escort).

Luckily some of the BS were short-range so they came closer plus I was in a Nightmare - If I had gone in my sniper-Rokh I would have been useless.
Comment by QuasaraByss
2012-10-14 01:58:10
I just tried this in my CNR, which is rigged for DPS with Flare I, Rigor Catalyst II and Rigor Catalyst I.
I still found the dps output too low, and had the same dampener problems as the other comments said. To get anywhere with this mish I had to use T2 fury cruise with 2x tp, and kill times were still slow. Vespa II's helped a lot, esp with cruisers.
due to scramblers I recommend kill all frigates first.
Comment by KojeInnit
2012-12-15 10:35:07

After reading the mixed messages i decided to test the first pocket in my Maelstrom with a half decent tank. I attacked group 4 which also aggroed group 1. The DPS was high but the damping is insane. My guns were useless as my lock range was 16k, the problem is your locking time is HUGE. I managed to kill the frigs with drones but beware the frigs WILL SWITCH TO YOUR DRONES. I then warped out.

I swapped to my Vargur and fitted AIF2/TDP2/KDF2/Pith type A SB and a DC2/Signal amp2 in the lows. This made it ok although with a Med capacitor you would walk it.

Attacking group 4 aggroed group 1.
Attacking group 3 aggroed group 2.
The additional spawn came when i attacked a BS from group 2, nothing when i killed the Bc's (watch for this spawn and take out the frigs ASAP.

Swap back to a normal fitting for rooms two and three, they are easy. If you have low skills or are not confident dont do the first mission, just blitz to the second room.
Comment by ReaveToralen
2013-02-28 17:28:30
Even in Nightmare this mission is waste of time. Lost 2 Hobgoblins II on it.
Dampeners orbits outside targeting range. Drop it if you can unless you have something fast and short range...
Comment by JackUnderhill
2013-05-13 22:00:52
This was a walk in the park in a Deimos.

I had a couple of Therms and a Kin for hardeners, only needed one repper (at first had another fitted just in case), AB, NOS while shooting, tracking comp with tracking script. For frigs, just dive straight at them, then have your distance button set to, say, 5k and fly straight away to hit them. Ended up pulling drones out only once for frigs, more for extra dps when circling a BS.

Who cares about dampening when you're flying 2.5k away from your target? And besides, it's fun to tank a dozen battleships in a cruiser.

I suspect this could be done even in an Ishkur (for fun), fleet stabber, sacrilege (someone mentioned that I see), etc. 92% plus for kin/therm resists makes a Deimos ideal, ofc, but most of the mission I was in shields only.

If you're worried about your drones, go cheap, use t1 hobs for the risky work.

Side comment: In room one, I looped around high and behind on group one; it did not aggro another group. Did group three next with no other aggro. Finished the last two central ones together. In spite of the sheer number of ships in room 2, never a worry - just kill smallest to largest.
Comment by BryndonRivers
2015-09-20 13:27:40
Did it with an armor tanked Myrmidon but asked myself why the waste of time.

So the proper way to do it was a sniper Dominix.

After warp in, quickly (before frigates scram you) use your jump drive to get far enough and deploy Wardens. When they get close (~40km) switch to Gardes. You may have to jump to different positions to do this mission, but it wouldn't take too much time with a 5 sentry Domi potato. Use hybrid turrets for drawing the agro, frigates and battleships WILL attack your drones. Killing frigates and guardian cruisers are priority because these suckers will WEB and SCRAM.

Here is my fit for Domi to do it, my skills are not the best, so anyone can do it better:

[Dominix, Mr. Potatohead]
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Damage Control II
Large 'Accommodation' Vestment Reconstructer I
Armor Kinetic Hardener II
Armor Explosive Hardener II

Heavy Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I
Cap Recharger II
Sensor Booster II
Omnidirectional Tracking Link I
Large Micro Jump Drive

425mm Prototype Gauss Gun
425mm Prototype Gauss Gun
425mm Prototype Gauss Gun
[Empty High slot]
Drone Link Augmentor I
Drone Link Augmentor I

Large Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Large Capacitor Control Circuit I
Large Sentry Damage Augmentor I

Hobgoblin II x6
Bouncer I x5
Salvage Drone I x5
Warden I x7

Tungsten Charge L x2
Antimatter Charge L x757
Cap Booster 400 x22
Comment by MakroSSRI
2018-02-28 16:05:55
Re. blitzing: recently i did the mission twice but both times had to destroy all ships in the last pocket for completion. all else is working fine.
Comment by BumRusher2
2022-04-30 07:52:00
Third pocket blitz DOES NOT WORK. You must kill all the ships in pocket 3 to finish the mission. First two pocket blitzes are still working.
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