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======The Blockade, Level 3======

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Faction: Angel Cartel
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Exp, Kin (Exp-severe missile spamming up to ~45k range from cruisers/BCs)
Extras: web/scramble: arch gistii, webifiers and vipers, web from stasis tower
Recommended damage dealing: Exp, Kin
Recommended ships: Drake
Completed with: Drake (400+ explosive tank and/or 50k+ combat range required)

====Single Pocket====

===Initial Spawn (Auto Aggro)===
1x Stasis tower
3/4x Frigates (Arch Gistii Nomad/Ruffians)
4x Destroyers (Gistior Defiler/Haunter) random destroyer is trigger

===1st Wave===
Spawns as 3 groups
==Group 1==
1/2x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Praefectus/Tribuni)
==Group 2==
2/3x Cruisers (Gistum Centurion/Phalanx)
==Group 3==
2/3x Destroyers (Gistior Defacer/Haunter/Trasher/Defiler)
3/4x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Legionnaire/Praefectus/Primus/Tribuni) singleton is trigger

===2nd Wave===
Spawns as 2 groups
==Group 1==
2/3x HACs (Arch Gistum Liquidator/Marauder)
3x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Legionnaire/Primus)
==Group 2==
3/4x Destroyers (Gistior Defacer/Defiler/Haunter/Shatterer)
4/5x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Legionnaire/Primus/Praefectus/Seizer/Tribunus) singleton is trigger

===3rd Wave===
Spawns as 2 groups
==Group 1==
2/3x Cruisers (Gistum Centurion/Marauder/Phalanx)
3x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Praefectus)
==Group 2==
3/4x HACs (Arch Gistum Breaker/Crusher)
4/5x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Legionnaire/Primus/Tribuni) singleton is trigger (if no singleton, a Gistatis Primus is the trigger)

===4th Wave===
Spawns as a single group
3/4x Frigates (Arch Gistii Nomad/Ruffian)
4/5x Battlecruisers (Gistatis Legatus/Tribunus) Tribunus is the mission objective

Kill all the triggers, then the final BC. Make sure your tank can take the dps.

==Tip ==
- There is a confirmed chance of a spawning Domination Breaker.

No Loot

Veldspar - 120 asteroids (15,000 - 65,000 units each closely packed)

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