Bountiful Bandine, level 1

Last edited by ChepeNolon:
This is now only a level 1 mission.
Mon, 16 Jun 2008 17:16 UTC

Mission type: Mining
Space type: Deadspace w/o gate. Warp to bookmark works.
Faction: None present.

The goal is to mine 20,000 units of Bandine (a particular sort of Veldspar) which represents exactly 2000m3 of cargo.
Comment by BiiteMee
2008-07-09 21:34:08
I see the note that this is now only level 1, but received this on July 9, 2008 from a level 3 agent. Same as described for L1 - no enemies, just two rocks with 10K bandine each.
Comment by TechZero
2008-07-21 17:26:29
Same thing as the comment above says, just got this mission from a level 4 agent. No enemies and only two asteroids with 10k each
Comment by WarD
2008-08-16 05:17:34
Same as above, but lvl 2 agent
Comment by GouvViki
2009-08-26 13:16:32
Had a local Rat(Blood Worshipper) spawn in this Mission today.
Comment by Peon155
2009-08-27 07:33:49
Local Rats will spawn if you spend too long in a mission after mission rats are dead and are in a system with sec less than 0.9....
Comment by Uncle
2023-04-03 12:15:26
Use a Porpoise with T2 mining drones for this mission. Only received 19,3100 Banidine.
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