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====== Break Their Will, level 3 ======

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Faction: Sansha's Nation / Mercenary
Mission type: Encounter
Damage dealt: Thermal 53% / EM 32% / Kinetic 15%
Recommended damage: EM/Thermal

**Note: Mission objective requires you to destroy a Repair Station**
**Tip: Destroy the Repair Station to disable its function to repair the rats**

At warp-in there are only structures, when they are attacked, the following wave will spawn

===First Wave:===
(will appear when repairstation is attacked at approx 60km)
1x Stasis Tower
3x Repair Station's Missile Battery
6-8x Destroyer (Centior Abomination/Horror/Misshape/Cannibal)
4-5x Cruiser (Centum Beast/Execrator/Ravisher)
*** approx. 300-350dps (55% EM, 45% TH)**

Reinforments will show up when you shoot any one ship in the first wave

===Second Wave:===
(will appear when repairstation is destroyed in two groups, one at 40km and the other at 80km)
1x Frigate (Mercenary Fighter)
4x Cruiser(Mercenary Commander/Corporal/Lieutenant)
*** approx. 200dps (11% EM, 40% KN, 49% TH)

Mission Total DPS = 500-550dps

Blitz: Destroy repair station, mission complete, warp out**

21 scordite
30 veldspar

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