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Long time agent runner and King of the Carebears (according to Viceroy).

======Project Back to Start======

I'm trying out to see what would happen if I start from scratch. No money, gear, ships or anything. Reset standings. All that is left is my skills, and my pod.

=====Day 1=====

Got myself a nice Velator. Flown to Supreme court ant got an -8 quality level 1 internal security agent. First mission:

====Worlds Collide====

Nice start, ehh? Worst mission possible with just the rookie ship. But heck. Lets try. Serpentis vs sansha. Tried the sanshas first, got blown up before my civilian electron blaster could reach them.

Ok, think. What now. Belts! After some running around without any rats found, I stole some wrecks instead. At least a civilian shieldbooster and a hobgoblin I drone.

Second try: The drone did the trick. Now I could stay 30km away while the drone killed both sanshas and serp frigates. But no good loot other than another civ shield and and some ammo. Went through the serp pocket, and got nearly blown up by the single aggroing ship there. But rest was pretty ok. They didn't even aggro my drone. Got a neutron blaster and went back to stationt to repair. The neutron blaster is worthless on this fragile ship, but I kept it. Some hits did actually do some damage. Last pocket was more sansha. More crappy loot, but heck. Better than nothing.

Total: Approx 500k isk in rewards and bounties. If I wanted, I could buy any gallente frigate now. 200k more and I could get a destroyer.

Bonus: Went to the belts to steal some leftover cans. Not much, but found a abandoned drone after a fight. 2x drones should do the trick :)

=====Day 2=====

Ok, still figuring out if I should buy a ship, or just continue. I'll pull another one while I think:

====Mordus Headhunters====

Much better. And the loot was one 75mm gatling rail, 75mm compressed gatling rail and a 125mm 'scout' railgun. Plus a kinetic shield hardener. Was almost too easy. Maybe I should step up to level 2 in this rookie ship?

====Cargo Delivery vs Angels====

Ok, this one could be a nasty one. But with the current setup, it didn't pose much of a threat.

Setup, 75mm and 75mm compressed. Kin shield hardener. Armor Repairer. 2x hobgoblin drones.

Ammo: whatever.

====Closing the Gate====

Wow, got a warrior from the single frigate guarding the entrance gate. If I save this I can get blown up and I still get straight into action again.

Got a multispectral ECM. Maybe I should try this on the heavy hitters? Hmm... I guess I will never be able to jam someone long enough.

====The Serpentis Spies====

First wreck got me a remote sensor dampener. Now this is something I should try instead of the multispec! Rest of the mission was pretty uneventful.

So far to day: Bounties and rewards: 800k isk. I could buy a catalyst or two fer sure now :)

Got an important mission. But it would send me to low sec, so I declined. Bleh.
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