The Damsel in Distress, Level 2

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Faction: Mercenaries
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal Space
Damage dealt: Thermal
Extras: Structure deals Area of Effect damage when blown up
Recommended damage dealing: Thermal/EM
Recommended ship classes: Elite Frigate, Cruiser, Battlecruiser
Recommended generic setup: Fast DPS for blitz, Strong Tank for thorough

Objective requires Large Collidable Objects to see on overview

Warp In

Group 1 (10-20km) (Auto Aggro)

8x Frigates (Kruul's Henchman)
1x Cruiser (Kruul)

Group 2

10x Frigates (Mercenary Elite Fighter)

Destroy the pleasure hub and get the damsel, then warp out

Mineable Asteroids

Pleasure Hub: OBJECTIVE Drops 2x cans containing 1x The Damsel and 10x Exotic Dancers or Marines
Slave Pens: Lots of HP, One dropped 10x Slaves (contraband in some regions)
Others: no drops. Several friendlies that will call Concord if attacked


Comment by UlotHi
2008-06-17 11:49:51
You can blitz this by destroying the pleasure hub and then loot the damsel and warp out.
Comment by TatonkaSmith
2008-07-04 18:08:23
Destroy the pleasure hub prior to Kruul and avoid the spawn.
Comment by ItPaladin
2008-08-03 03:05:02
You don't need to warp in, set a bm, and warp at distance.
Every time you do a mission that gives you the option to warp warp to 0, stop warp, then restart warping at your selected distance.
You can do this with Cosmic Anomolies and other sites found with scanning.
You do this with CAs: Warp To...stop, then you can view on the system map what type it is.
Comment by ItPaladin
2008-08-04 00:36:54
BTW This is not deadspace. You can use a mwd here.
Comment by SazukaKirr
2008-08-31 11:37:39
Second wave seems to spawn when you fire on Kruul, so watch your drones. You DON'T need to kill the Kruul for the Mercenary Elite Fighters to spawn.
Comment by NoneKnows
2008-09-22 15:19:02
I had no second wave.
Comment by BillC
2010-01-23 10:26:46
not exactly a blitz -- aggro Krull then kite them for 50-75km ... then warp out and back in right away. they'll be so far away from the pleasure hub you can zip in and rescue the damsel without killing a thing. i used a frigate. kite them at a distance of 20km or more.
Comment by ZepH
2010-06-14 00:19:19
Easily completed in a Vexor. Killed the hub in 5 seconds and grabbed the damsel and out.
Comment by FelyzaWish
2010-06-30 18:17:44
Slave pens have a ton of HP. 5x 150mm compressed coil gun's with antimatter ammo, 4x magnetic field stabs's, 3x hobgoblins helping... took over 2k rounds to down them both at optimal range. Only took them down to update this. Not worth the effort again.
Comment by HelwigStromgald
2010-07-01 20:43:57
There was no second wave.
Comment by ArocSyllinBeh
2010-07-31 08:09:09
The blockade was a lot harder than this

Just fit two thermal active hardeners on your tank and it should be fine (cruiser)
Comment by SyrusAthonille
2011-04-18 18:55:49
I got 10 Marines not Exotic dancers, Krull must be branching out into different club themes...
Comment by ZoltanLazar
2011-08-21 23:19:39
Make sure you're hitting the pleasure hub and not the slave pens, the pens have a LOT of hp. Just sat there for a few minutes, picking away before I realized my mistake.

Pretty much all of the incoming damage (for the first wave at least) is thermal, I completed in a shield tank rifter and a thermal active hardener. Turned it off, damage exactly doubled. If you're fitting a tank with hardeners, thermal is all you need to worry about.

The hub itself seems to have no resists at all, based on using 3 different rocket types on it for full damage from each.
Comment by KeltherJay
2011-08-23 20:38:41
I got ten very confused janitors from the Pleasure Hub rather than exotic dancers. Someone has a sense of humor.
Comment by BioHaZZarD99
2012-02-05 17:35:24
Loot from pleasure hub appears to be random. I got 10 tourists instead of the dancers.
[Comment deleted]
Comment by TarfeN
2020-03-27 19:00:34
Completed by an Alpha Clone with 2mill SP in T1 SOE Epic Arc Thrasher. Confirm that killing the Pleasure Hub before killing Krull stops the 2nd Spawn.
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