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======Dark Alliance, Level 3======

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Faction: Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter (Storyline)
Space type: Deadspace (mwd does not work)
Damage dealt: exp/kin
Extras: Target Painting(Frigates)
Web/scramble: some cruisers web
Recommended damage dealing: therm
Recommended ships: Ferox

====Single Pocket====
Range: 20-30km, aggro after 10 sec.

13x Frigates (Minmatar Scout) **Target Painter**
12x Cruiser (Minmatar Escort)
4x Fuel Depots (Objective - shoot any of them to get loot container spawned)

Shooting one fuel depot will detonate the ambassadors ship and complete the objective. Just pick up the dropped cargo container and get out of there.

6 or 7 medium smartbombs to deal with the frigates

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