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======Duo of Death, level 4======

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gate

Damage dealt: Kinetic/ Thermal
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/ Thermal

Webifier/ Warp Disruptor: Spider Drone

Recommended Ship Class: Marauder, Battleship, Battlecrusier
Video: [[ | Raven Navy Issue]]

====Single Pocket====

~===Single Group===
~~3x Guristas Cruise Missile Batteries
~~2x Spider Drone II
~~2x Battleship (Pith Usurper)

== Tip ==
Rogue Drones swarm and orbit at 7.5km.

Warp in, destroy the Pith Usurpers, pick up the Special Delivery item dropped and warp out.

All structures except for Power Generator drop random T1 ammo and commodities.

== Loot and Bounty ==
Loot and Salvage: ~1.4 mil.
Bounty: ~3 mil

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