Duo of Death, Level 4

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Faction: Sansha
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace

Damage dealt: EM, Therm
Recommended damage dealing: EM/ Thermal

Webifier/ Warp Disruptor: Spider Drones
Recommended ship classes: Battleship, Command Ship, HAC, Strategic Cruiser

Single Pocket:

Auto aggro.

2x Spider Drones II Webifier
2x Battleship (Centus Tyrant)

4x Sansha's Sentry Gun (Tower Sentry III)

Fitting an Afterburner or Tractor is recommended to retrieve the Special Delivery item.

Warp in, kill both Battleships, loot the item, and warp out.

Breeding Facility drops random NPC trade goods and passengers

7x Omber (175K units), 6x Veldspar (540K units), 6x Scordite (300K units) asteroids scattered far apart.

Loot and Bounty
Bounty: ~2.7 mil.

Comment by ChogorI
2009-01-25 13:04:31
Date: 1/25/2009

7x Omber (25k)
7x Scordite (50k)
7x Veldspar (90k)
Comment by JackUnderhill
2009-08-14 16:10:40
An Omen Navy Issue can do this fine with doubled hardners, average t2 drone skills, and an Amarr MAR. Only place where much tank is needed is when you're grabbed by the webbers. You can ignore the Sentries.
Comment by Saitek2073
2010-04-26 22:33:57
Was Able To Do It In A Drake

Never Got Below 65% Shields

7: Arbalest Heavy Missile Launchers: (ThunderBolt Heavy Missiles)
2: Large Shield Extender II
4: Shield Power Relay II
1: Magnetic Scattering Amplifier II
1: Photon Scattering Field I
1: Heat Dissipation Field I
1: Heat Dissipation Field Amplifier II
5: Hobgoblins

For Some Extra Dps Add
1: Ballistic Control System II
And Take Out The Shield Power Relay II
Shield % Will Drop To 49% To 53%
But Still Able To Tank It
Comment by ThokiaPeacekeeper
2010-11-26 00:25:20
Hmmm. I barely ever see comments for missions saying " Completed in Ishtar works fine. "
Seems the Ishtar is not the most popular L IV ship but I know I use it for almost every mission I do including this one and it works fine.
Dual-armor rep with a AB cap stable. Best set-up for missioning Ishtar. ;)
Comment by IvanJmar
2010-12-07 20:14:50
In a CNR, I had to warp out (Incursion). Max skill in cruise missile and shield. Something change in this mission.
Comment by AsCendancy
2011-01-09 13:23:38
@ IvanJmar the dps in this mission comes from the 2 BS, once you kill one the incoming dps drops significantly
Comment by IrodEllen
2011-01-22 10:18:04
Apoc w/ resists of 83% EM, 76% TH and a Navy LAR is plenty to tank this. Each Tyrant was hitting for 80-120 every 3 secs with these resists.
Comment by RelChuem
2012-04-01 09:32:43
Recommended damage dealing is way of. Had no DPS in my Tengu with EM Missiles.. Go for Explosive or Kinetic !!

[EM] 79% [Explosive] 49% [Kinetic] 60% [Thermal] 69%
Comment by SkyBon
2012-12-10 07:49:17
How to deal with Spider Drones:
1. Warp in.
2. Wait for full room aggro.
3. Launch your drones.
4. Spider drones switch target.
5. You burn to the battleships.
6. ???

Spider drones have ~0 DPS so don't worry about your hobgobs.
Comment by JackUnderhill
2013-06-13 20:23:55
I'll add my own fyi (to remember for another mission) regarding Spider Drones: They have a significant shield tank with a good chance of repping and very high exp resist. They have a 100% webbing chance and move at 3000 m/s. They orbit 7500m at 450 m/s. They apparently (I checked my facts before this note) do a tiny amount of EM damage. Use Hobs, and plan on a bit of a wait before they go down (which is only much of a worry in some missions and if you're in an odd ship.)
Comment by Pentagon2010
2014-04-12 17:43:04
12/04/2014 - Tengu - Heavy Misasails + EM ammo =10 min. Tip- approach last BS - he has your mission stuff
Comment by Demal
2022-11-25 18:52:42
No asteroids whatsoever in this mission as of 25th Nov 2022.
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