Duo of Death, level 4

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with gate

Damage dealt: Thermal/ Kinetic
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/ Thermal

Webifier/ Warp Disruptor: Spider Drone

Recommended ship class: Battleship
Recommended generic setup: Sniper
Difficulty: Very easy.
Video: Raven Navy Issue

The last Battleship killed drops the objective item.

No Hostiles at the initial gate.

Single Pocket

Auto aggro.
3x Tower Sentry Serpentis III

2x Spider Drone II Webifier/ Warp Disruptor

2x Battleship (Core Lord Admiral)

Spider Drones orbit at 7.5km, Battleships at 8km.

Loot and Bounty
Loot + Salvage: ~890K.
Bounty: ~2.6 mil.

Comment by SazukaKirr
2008-09-26 13:20:02
Objective drops from second destroyed Core Lord Admiral.
Comment by PteiaMassi
2009-05-19 15:55:02
stronghold takes a fair amount of killing - even with Warden IIs
Comment by WolfBiss
2009-05-24 20:50:06
Fired around 700 cruise missiles to eleminate the Stronghold. Dropped T1 Items (small and med)
Comment by Gothmog2x
2009-07-13 17:52:12
Have completed this mission with a Myrmidon BC; takes a while to whittle down the Core Lord Admirals but it's doable.
Comment by DethNinjaDragn
2009-09-20 00:05:29
Finished in a Drake with T2 Fit. Nothing spectacular or surprising about this mission. The two Battle Ships do have a rather good tank and take a little extra time more than most BS but don't deal out any more extra DPS so you should be fine to tank this.
Comment by SpLend0r
2009-10-07 09:15:47
Took ~10 min for my Ishtar. Too easy for a LVL4.
Comment by LeandroBola
2010-02-14 17:00:56
Just did this in a Domi with 2 thermic, 1 exp, 1 kin Hard II + EANM II and 2 MAR II. Theres no need for 2 MAR II, 1 is enough. Fit and AB and blasters and finish it in 5 min
Comment by LaIvasse
2010-03-04 10:42:32
Last time I did this mish my Abaddon's tank consisted of only 1kin/1therm T2 hardeners & LARII (77/78 resists). Three heat sinks meant I pounded the two battleships to dust in no time at all, never went below 95% armour. One of those throwaway missions where you can easily sacrifice tank for damage.

Also, with regards to the loot from the stronghold:
I did this mission twice in quick succession and killed the stronghold for loot each time. Both times I received one each of some form of magstab, small nosferatu, medium blaster, ship scanner, survey scanner, medium armour repper and misc large ammo. All T1, only meta 4 was a ship scanner, worth almost nothing. Not worth your time.
Comment by NardoGold
2010-12-15 21:06:20
very easy in armor tanked Mega
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