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======Editing Tips======

- Before you report a new mission, check if it's reported first so you don't do extra work. Also check OrphanedPages.
- You'll find the registration code in the MOTD of the Eve-Survival ingame channel.
- When updating, please don't include: Loot, salvage, bounties from ships. (Loot from structures is ok though).
- When you've made a new page, please notify the Janitors in the ingame channel Eve-survival. If none are present, we'll add it later. (It'll show up in OrphanedPages until it's linked somewhere).
- When reporting and updating a mission, please try to follow the standards found in MissionTemplate and MissionExample. I also recommend reading ReportingMissions to get information on how you should name the new page and so on. Click here to [[NewPage | make a new page]].
- If the mission is already reported, and you got something to add or change, just do it. But please try to keep it tidy. If unsure if it's reproducible, just place it in a comment. Personal experience including ship setups should always be put in a comment.
- Please apply generous amounts of common sense when editing missions. Even though you do the Bonus Room in Angel Extravaganza level 4 in an interceptor, it's not considered as a reccomended ship class for everybody else. Especially newcomers.

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