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======The Fox Hunt, Level 1======

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Faction: Minmatar
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace (mwd **does** work)
Damage dealt: Exp/Kin/Therm/EM
Extras: Target Painters
Web/scramble: N/A
Recommended damage dealing: Exp/Kin
Recommended ship classes: Only T1 Frigates/Destroyers allowed.

====Pocket 1====

===Group 1 (25km) aggressive===
2x Frigates (Republic Baldur/Takan)
1x Destroyer (Republic Faxi **Trigger**)

===Trigger Spawn===
3x Frigates (Republic Baldur x2/Otur)

===Group 2 (75km) aggressive===
4x Frigates (Refueling Facility Guardian) - 2 of which target paint

===Group 3 (100km) - non aggressive until 30km===
5x Frigates (Republic Kvarm/Radur x2/Skani x2)

====Pocket 2====

===Group 1 (50km) aggressive===
2x Frigates (Republic Baldur **Trigger**/Tribal Gleeda) - Gleeda target paints

===Trigger Spawn===
2x Frigates (Republic Baldur)
1x Destroyer (Republic Austri)

===Group 2 (90km) aggressive===
1x Frigate (Republic Takan)

====Pocket 3====

===Group 1 (90km) aggressive===
5x Frigates (Republic Baldur x4/Otur)

Mission objective is in container near this group.

Did not try activating gates or objective container until after all ships were killed. Needs testing to determine blitz.


==Mineable Asteroid info==

==Tips: ==

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