The Gallente Archaeologist - The Bounty Hunter (3 of 9)

Mission briefing
The morning prison guard shift met with a grisly scene. All of the guards on the 5th deck on the last shift had been brutally murdered and some of the prison cells had been forcibly opened. 2 of the prisoners that you captured in a previous mission were missing. We are quite certain that this was the work of a bounty hunter, as he obviously intended to rescue these specific prisoners. We immediately banned all craft from leaving the station, but it was too late. However we have compiled a list of those who left the station this morning and we've narrowed it down to 3 suspects. We know the location of each of them, they haven't managed to leave the system yet. I'll upload their locations one by one, do whatever it takes to bring back those prisoners!

Part of a wider storyline arc, this mission offers the choice of 3 acceleration gates upon entrance to the site.

Room 1: Korami Salemo
3 groups of Mercenaries
Closest frigate, BC group auto aggresses.
Second group made of Battleships and Cruisers.
Third group made of Cruisers and frigates.

Second group aggresses with the third.

Room 2: Jared
1 group of Mercenaries
Mixed BS

Room 3: Taisu
5 groups of Mordus
Closest group on the warp-in is at 0 on the beacon. Mixed Cruiser/BS.
Group 2 is 3 BS.
Group 3 & 4 are mixed Cruiser/BS
Group 5 is cruiser/BS with three Mordu Bounty Hunters, who web/scram.

The prisoners are dropped from the last member of group 3/4.

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