Geodite and Gemology, level 4

Last edited by RaistlinMajerem:
Warp to bookmark took me to the beacon each time.
Thu, 25 Aug 2011 16:02 UTC

Mission type: Mining w/beltrats
Space Type: Normal
Space type: Deadspace w/o gate.
Faction: Same as the belt rats in the system

Mine 2800 units of Geodite (44800 m3).

2 asteroids of Geodite at 30km from warp-in, it is a variant of Crokite.

No rats at warp-in, they spawn as you mine.
Comment by BigBadaboom
2008-12-29 16:31:02
I just did this mission, in a 0.7 system, and there were no other asteroids at all.
Comment by GouvViki
2009-04-19 18:07:26
Same here, only Geodite-Asteroids in the Pocket (0.6 System).
Comment by RaistlinMajerem
2011-08-25 15:53:40
Warp to bookmark did not work for me, instead, it warped me to the beacon each time.
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