Guristas Extravaganza, Level 4

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Faction: Guristas
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace with Gates
Damage dealt: Kin, Therm
Extras: Jamming (Dire Pithi Despoiler)
Web/scramble: Guristas Webifier and Kyoukan
Recommended damage dealing: Kin, therm.
Recommended ships: Rattlesnake, Raven, Dominix, Ishtar, Nighthawk
Video: Ishtar, Navy Raven, Vargur


Main rule: Webbing frigs like Webifier and Kyoukan
Exception: The last battleship in the next to last wave of pocket 3
The last webifier/Kyoukan in pocket 5 triggers on attack. All others trigger on kill.
Destroying the indicated structures before shooting the triggers will prevent the respawns.

Note: Spawns can be slightly different, such as another type of BC or BS, but the number of each class of NPCs is as reported.

Pocket 1

Sentry Guns aggroes at warp-in.
Guristas Bunker drops ammo.

Single Group

3x Tower Sentry Guristas III
3x Tower Sentry Guristas II
2x Frigates (Pithi Plunderer/Wrecker)
2x Cruisers (Pithum Silencer/Ascriber)

Pocket 2

Destroy the Ion Field Projection Battery and Moon Harvester (prevents all spawns)
Starbase Hangar does not need to be destroyed.
Starbase Hanger, Moon Harvester, and Ion Field Projection Battery all dropped loot.

Initial Group

2x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assassin/Death Dealer)
1x Battleship (Pith Destroyer/Exterminator)
0-1x Destroyer (Pithior Supremacist/Terrorist)
1x Frigate (Guristas Kyoukan/Webifier) Web Trigger

Spawn 1

2x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assaulter/Enforcer)
2x Battleship (Pith Eliminator/Extinguisher)
2x Frigate (Guristas Kyoukan/Webifier) Web Trigger

Spawn 2

2x Battleship (Pith Dismantler/Obliterator)
1x Frigate (Guristas Webifier) Web Trigger

Spawn 3

2x Cruiser (Pithum Abolisher/Eraser)
2x Battleship (Pith Eradicator)
1x Battleship (Arika Tosch[Pith Extinguisher])

Pocket 3

Destroy the Guristas Medium Refinery, Subspace Frequency Generator and Asteroid Mining Post before any of the triggers.
Structures drop no loot. Asteroid Factory has so much armor there's not much point in shooting it.

Initial Group

3x Guristas Cruise Missile Battery
2x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assaulter/Enforcer)
3x Battleship (Pith Dismantler/Obliterator)
1x Frigate (Guristas Kyoukan/Webifier) Web Trigger

Spawn 1

2x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Enforcer/Executor)
2x Battleship (Pith Eradicator/Obliterator)
2x Frigate (Guristas Kyoukan/Webifier) Web Trigger

Spawn 2:

0-1x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Enforcer/Executor)
3x Battleship (Pith Dismantler/Extinguisher)
2x Frigate (Guristas Kyoukan/Webifier) Web Trigger

Spawn 3: (33-38km) (Auto Aggro)

1x Frigate (Guristas Webifier) Web
2x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assaulter/Enforcer)
2x Battleship (Pith Eliminator/Exterminator/Extinguisher) Jamming Eliminator/Exterminator Trigger (highest bounty BS, is the trigger)

Spawn 4:

1x Frigate (Guristas Kyoukan/ Webifier/) Web
1x Destroyer (Pithor Terrorist)
2x Battleship (Pith Eliminator/Exterminator/Extinguisher) Jamming Eliminator/Exterminator

Pocket 4

Amarr batteries doing alpha strike at 1,800 EM dmg so take them first if you aren't tanked against EM.

Destroy Starbase Storage Facility, Starbase Reactor, and Guristas Starbase Control Tower before the trigger.
Structures drop no loot.

Initial Group (Auto Aggro)

4x Amarr Heavy Missile Battery
3x Battleship (Pith Eradicator/Obliterator)
1x Cruiser (Guristas Emissary)
2x Frigate (Guristas Kyoukan/Webifier) Web Trigger

Single Spawn

1x Frigate (Guristas Kyoukan/Webifier) Web
2x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assassin/Death Dealer)
2x Battleship (Pith Extinguisher/Eliminator) Jamming Eliminator

Pocket 5

Prison, Guristas Bunker, Guristas War Installation have loot.
Mission completes after all Battleships and Battlecruisers from the first spawn are killed.

First Spawn: (70km)

2x Tower Sentry Guristas II
1x Guristas Heavy Missile Battery
2x Frigate (Guristas Kyoukan/Webifier) Web Trigger
4x Destroyer (Pithor Anarchist/Renegade)
2x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assaulter/Enforcer)
1-2x Battleship (Pith Conquistador/Dismantler/Destroyer/Extinguisher)
Guristas Webifier may spawn as a Guristas Kyoukan. Identify trigger as the one that webs you.

Second Spawn: (43km)

4x Elite Frigate (Dire Pithi Despoiler/Saboteur) Jamming
3x Battleship (Pith Conquistador/Destroyer)
1x Frigate (Guristas Kyoukan) Web Trigger

Third Spawn: (50km)

3x Battleship (Pith Eradicator/Obliterator)
3-4x Destroyer (Pithior Guerilla/Supremacist/Terrorist)
1x Frigate (Guristas Webifier) Web Trigger just by shooting at it

Fourth Spawn:

2x Frigate (Guristas Kyoukan/Webifier) Web
2-3x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Assaulter/Death Dealer)
2-3x Battleship (Pith Eradicator/Obliterator)
1x Battleship (Aimon Kuzni[Pith Conquistador])


Pocket 1 - Destroy all ships
Pocket 2 - Destroy the Ion Field Projection Battery and Moon Harvester, then kill all ships
Pocket 3 - Destroy the Guristas Medium Refinery, Subspace Frequency Generator and Asteroid Mining Post, then kill all ships
Pocket 4 - There are 3 weak structures in the whole room, destroy them, then kill all ships
Pocket 5 - Kill all Battleships and Battlecruisers from the first spawn

Bounty (1-5): 26,817,064 ISK
Loot/Salvage (3-5) 10,900,000 ISK

Bonus Room

You need a Guristas Diamond tag to activate the gate and is NOT consumed. The gate remains unlocked for another 10 seconds.
The Guristas Storage Facility in this room has a (very low) chance of dropping a Dread Guristas mod. Faction drop removed since Trinity 1.2 update

Single Group:

2x Tower Sentry Guristas III
4x Destroyer (Pithior Supremacist/Terrorist)
3x Battlecruiser (Pithatis Death Dealer/Revolter)
4x Battleship (Pith Extinguisher/Eliminator/Usurper)

Comment by LeiGrumble
2008-06-09 05:10:39
Just did the GE, in stage 5 i blowed up all Structures (including War installation), but the Spawnchain did start.
Can not confirm the blizz for stage 5, stage 2-4 worked!
Comment by JanjanJansen
2008-06-11 11:23:35
It didn't work in stage 5 for me
Comment by DirkFallows
2008-06-30 08:23:22
3 omber and 3 veld roids in stage 3
Comment by BoomShaka
2008-07-23 04:39:14
stage 5 blitz is wrong... but confirm 2-4 working as well.
Comment by KireHunted
2008-07-30 19:05:40
I didn't get a BC spawn 2 of Pocket 3

Also while most the BS names are correct it does seem to vary for the first few pockets
Comment by KireHunted
2008-07-31 11:27:54
Any agression against the final trigger including NOS causes the spawn.
Comment by SniperLuke
2008-09-08 20:03:29
killed the war installation, got 10 ogre 1s, 350 frozen food, 200 metal scraps, 600 bane torpedos, 1000 antimatter large. Not worth the 1000 cruises ammo to kil the war installation.
Comment by WikiLenzman
2008-11-30 17:24:18
storage facility NEVER dropped dg mod. Got this mission more than 25 times. (my loot was ALWAYS 50 metal scraps, 10 frozen food, 10 oxygen, 10 livestock, 10 enriched uranium)
Comment by KerbEros
2008-12-07 15:20:03
Storage facility has dropped a DG shield boost amp for me.
Only once out of about 20 runs tho.
Comment by HarikoTenaga
2008-12-08 19:13:18
Pocket 4, spawn 1 I had Guristas Emissary (cruiser) as well, every time i've had it (about 7 or 8) since latest patch.
Comment by VaLTrantor
2009-01-29 14:50:02
Pocket 5 spawn 2 was for me:

4 * Pith Eliminator BS (jamming)
1 * Gurista Webifier (trigger)
3 * Dire Pithi Despoiler (jamming)

spawn 3:

4 * Pith Eradicator BS
4 * Pithior Guerilla
1 * Gurista Kyoukan (trigger - shooting on it is enough ;) )
Comment by Peon155
2009-02-11 13:46:38
BONUS Stage Spawn has been as follows for me:-

2 x Pithior Terrorist (DS)
2 x Pithior Supremacist (DS)
3 x Pithatis Death Dealer (BC)
2 x Pith Eliminator (BS)
1 x Pith Extinguisher (BS)
1 x Pith Usurper (BS)

Neither the Storage Facility or the Tactical Outpost dropped anything other than metal scraps and reports the first few times I did this mission and the bonus. However, the fourth time I got this, I had 2 x Dire Pithi Saboteur replacing the Terrorists, and the Tactical Outpost dropped a Dread Guristas BPC.
Comment by VaLTrantor
2009-02-20 05:20:14
Tactical Outpost and Storage Facility have very low hp, so shooting them doesnt hurt. I didnt have a faction drop in either of these, but what Peon155 said seems reasonable. Try to confirm this.
Comment by MelliNok
2009-03-01 18:15:06
Room 3 asteroids only yielded a total of 20K Veldspar and 3K Omber for me.
Comment by MrUndertaker
2009-03-19 15:45:02
I have runned this mission maybe more than 50 times but nevet got a DG mod but still blowing those bot structures it doesnt hurt like ValTrantor says.
Comment by IckyThump
2009-04-11 19:51:23
It appears that the mission completion trigger is eliminating all Battlecruisers and Battleships from the first spawn of Pocket 5.
Comment by SethDeVeldrin
2009-04-18 14:52:27
Left one Pithatis Enforcer from the pocket 5, group 1 alive last. Mission didn't complete before kill it. So, can partly confirm the group 1 BC/BS completion trigger.
Comment by MasterPhoenix
2009-05-21 21:33:32
Pocket 5, spawn 2 - This one had 3xBattleships (Pith Eliminators) plus destroyers and web(s)
Comment by BigbangNet
2009-06-02 23:34:42
the tag DOESN'T get consumed. you get to keep it after.
Comment by CrazySpaceHobo
2009-06-26 06:53:20
Mission Completes after all battleships in FIRST wave in pocket 5 are killed.
Comment by NachoCuban
2009-09-07 16:43:55
Initial Group in Pocket 2 had an extra destroyer (terrorist)

2nd Spawn in Pocket 3 did not have a BC
Comment by Peon155
2009-09-09 13:02:10
The Bonus stage Faction loot drop seems tied to whether you get some Dire Pithi ships or not. Have done this roughly 20 times and the 3 times I got a DG drop, I had Dire Pithi ships in the Bonus room. Without those it seems the loot drops are no better than any of the other pockets.
Comment by AleniaCalentas
2009-09-18 17:58:35
**Bonus Room Salvaging Tip**

If you use a salvaging alt or have weaker fleet members, activate the bonus room gate, cancel the activation, jettison the tag for your alt, then activate the gate again. This way, you can have your alt come in later after you have aggro'd all the NPCs.
Comment by SpLend0r
2009-10-08 11:56:24
Had this mission lot of times. Took 70-90 mins in Raven (CN cruises, faction mid, 3bcs), and the only faction stuff i had was a DG invu - from about 20-30 runs.
Comment by ExoTech
2009-10-11 18:34:52
Just did this in a Enyo blasterfitted, was alot more fun than sitting in the Golem.
Comment by MrT
2009-10-16 11:18:45
The mission takes a long time to complete. Read the guide. Flew away from them in my T2 fitted Rokh. (Big $ mission)
Pocket 1: Very very easy
Pocket 2: Very easy
Pocket 3: Easy
Pocket 4: Easy (A bit hps though)
Pocket 5: Normal (Some hps). Watch the triggers had to warp out.
Bonus pocket: Normal
Comment by DennyHaze
2009-11-19 05:13:44
Did this mission, including bonus pocket, in an active tengu.
DR: Easy (Bonus Pocket DR: Easy)
Easily tanked even sitting still.

6x Heavy Missile launcher II
2x Caldari navy Invul Field
1xPith A-Type Ballistic Deflection Field
1x Dread Guristas Shield Boost Amplifier
1x Pith b-Type Small Shield Booster
1x Gallente Navy 10mn AB
3x Caldari navy Ballistic Control System
1x Ballistic Control System II
2x CMedium Capacitor Control Circuit
1x Medium Warhead Calefaction Catalyst
Tengu Electronics - Dissolution Sequencer
Tengu Defensive - Amplification Node
Tengu Engineering - Augmented Capacitor Reservoir
Tengu Offensive - Accelerated Ejection bay
Tengu Propulsion - Fuel Catalyst

No Dire rats, so no DG loot. Also, the Installation did not even drop a can.

Also completed in a Golem.
DR: Easy to normal.
Had to use a cap booster full of charges at most.

4x Caldari Navy Cruise Missile launcher
Drone Link Augmentor
(2xlooting mods)
Thon's Modified large Shield Booster
Dread Guristas Shield Boost Amplifier
2x Caldari navy Invul Field
Ballisitic Deflection Field II
Heavy Cap Booster II
3x Caldari navy BCS
Damage Control
Large Core Defence Operational Solidifier II
Large Core Defence Capacitor Safeguard II
Comment by RentBoyUk
2010-04-02 16:19:20
I did this mission very easily in my tech I raven, fitted mostly with Tech I gear. I just made sure I killed the triggers last. Used 5 x Hammerhead I and 5 x Acolyte I to take out smaller ships. Pulsed the shield booster occassionally when needed.

I had:
Hi Slots
6 x XT Cruise launchers with paradise cruise missiles.
2 x dual 150mm Railgun (for frigates)

Low Slots
3 x Ballistic control system II
2 x Capacitor Flux Coil II

Mid Slots
2 x Non-intertial ballistic deflection field
1 x Ditrigonal Thermal Barrier (shield hardner)
1 x CL5 X-Large shield booster
2 x Shield Boost Amplifier I

3 x Large Cap Control Circuit
Comment by Gunner75
2010-05-17 17:00:29
Full T2 fitted Perma boost raven with damage mod hammerhead II followed the kills to a T and killed the triggers last so not to get overwelmed. Was easy to get finished.
Comment by RaikoOsburn
2010-09-05 06:57:32
5th pocket was harder cause of permanent jamming. Also dont forget to bring more ammo than usual. I had to make a trip to station cause of it.

Bounty + mission reward: cca 25.5 mil
Slavage and loot: not worth the time
Comment by InspectorDubplate
2011-03-06 03:56:39
in the 2nd spawn in the 5th room i got 3 exterminators 3 dire pithi despoliers and the trigger (kyoukan)
Comment by FulmarMusic
2011-03-26 13:21:41
for some unknown reason,mission now copletes after the killing ever5ything from the 1st wave in the rm, b4 the bonus one

twice now its happened :S
Comment by LordNikon
2011-08-27 18:49:38
Got perma jammed (golem) in last pocket. After 10 minutes I gave up and turned in the mission.
Comment by Dethbringer1
2012-02-04 06:07:28
Working on this mission now in my navy megathron. I will not be doing this mission again any time soon. The first 4 pockets were rediculously easy but the 5th another story. I could not target anything until I took out the jammers. Killing the jammers causes more to respawn along with bs's. By the time I killed all the jammers, I was facing about 30 BS's. So I kill 2 warp out and make the 5 jump journey in to kill 2 more. At this point I'm wishing to die and put myself out of my misery. Normally I make between 5-15M every 15min cycle. This mission is worth like 25M and took me over 2hrs. Thats like 3m per 15mins. Totally not worth the time and aggrevation. Also used an excessive amount of my faction ammo.
Comment by Nismo1985
2012-03-11 16:15:38
dock-undock - 60-70 min
bounty 28,1kk
reward 3,28(Hi Sec)
LP 9017
Slavage and loot: poor(1358 М3) 15-16kk isk
complexity - easy-medium
ps respect your time and others
Comment by Nismo1985
2012-03-11 16:17:35
anybody tell about loot, salvage, standing.... is it interesting to read about your fit? i dont think so.
Comment by KartofiusAlAndalus
2012-08-03 14:09:27
my fit was good - :P @ nismo

pocket 1:
bunker - ammo

pocket 2:
ion, hangar - ammo
moon - hydrogen batteries

pocket 5:
war - some scrap and 10 ogre i
bunker - ammo
prison - janitors

bonus pocket:
storage - some scrap

i.e. structures doesn't worth it

easy mission, 30m bounty, 25m estimated loot and salvage, 115 minutes on sentry dominix and noctis
Comment by LjokerMarliac
2014-03-13 22:01:01
Guristas Extravaganza (level 4)
Against: Guristas
Damage to do: Kinetic
Damage to defend form: Kinetic (80%), Termal (20%)
Total Bounty: 25M
Total from Loot: 7M
Total from Salvage: 6M
Total from Structures: 2M
Total from Mission Reward: 1710k + 1680k + 7180 LP
Total total: 50M
Time taken: less then 60min (no bonus pocket)
Mission agent: Lozdod Pousel
System: Osmon 0.7 (agent & enconter)

Pocket 0

Pocket 1
Only Wave: 6 Sentry guns, 2 Crusiers, 2 Frigates
Structures: Guristas Bunker (random cheap ammunition)

Pocket 2
Wave 1: 1 Battleship (881k), 2 Crusiers, 2 Frigates
Wave 2: 2 Battleships, 2 Crusiers, 2 Frigates
Wave 3: 2 Battleships, 1 Frigate
Wave 4: 2 Battleships, 2 Crusiers
Structures: Starbase Hangar, Moon Harvester, Ion Field

Projection Battery

Pocket 3
Wave 1: 3 Sentry guns, 3 Battleships, 2 Crusiers, 1 Frigate
Wave 2: 2 Battleships, 2 Crusiers, 2 Frigates
Wave 3: 3 Battleships, 2 Frigates
Wave 4: 2 Battleships (Jammed), 2 Crusiers, 1 Frigate

Wave 5: 2 Battleships, 2 Frigates
Structures: Nothing (didn't destroy Asteroid Factory)

Pocket 4
Wave 1: 4 Sentry guns, 3 Battleships, 1 Crusier, 2 Frigates
Wave 2: 2 Battleships, 2 Crusiers, 1 Frigate
Structures: Nothing

Pocket 5
Wave 1: 3 Sentry guns, 2 Battleships (some 993k), 2

Crusiers, 6 Frigates (Jammed & Webified)
Wave 2: 3 Battleships, 5 Frigates
Wave 3: 4 Battleships, 4 Frigates
Wave 4: 3 Battleships, 3 Crusiers, 6 Frigates
Structures: Guristas War Instalation (2M generic loot),

Guristas Bunker, Prison

Pocket 6 (bonus)
Did not do it.
Comment by LjokerMarliac
2014-03-13 22:54:24
===Special Thanks===
Ljoker Marliac, for editing
MelliNok and DirkFallows, for Asteroid rocks
Shintu Felper, for tips on Eve-survival site
SniperLuke, for loot of Guristas War Instalation
KerbEros, for loot of DG shield boost amp
VaLTrantor, for pocket 5
Peon155, for pocket 6
CrazySpaceHobo and BoomShaka, for Blitz information
Comment by LjokerMarliac
2014-03-13 22:59:05
lol, did not noticed there was already something in here:
Comment by EpocWiki
2014-11-08 16:04:57
26 Minutes to complete 34m 42 seconds to clear everything including bonus room.

Faction Fit Rattler
Comment by MadsamBeacon
2021-01-03 16:30:59
15 minutes in a RHML Barghest 1 jump from agent.
Used the blitz method and mission was pretty easy.
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