Intercept the Pirate Smugglers, level 3

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Damage dealt: Therm, Kin
Recommended damage dealing: Therm, Kin
Recommended ships: Jaguar, Hurricane, Cyclone, Drake, Caracal

Single Pocket

Group 1

auto aggro
2x Sentry Guns
2x Frigates (Space-Port Guardian) - Merlin class

After some time, the smugglers arrive. If you haven't moved since warp in, they'll warp in on top of you

Group 2

4x Transports (Serpentis Transport)
3x Frigates (Convoy Guard Wingman) - Tristan class (web)
3x Battlecruisers (Convoy Guard) - Brutix class

Guns may drop ammo
Space Port has no loot

Second warp to 0 will take you directly on top of the Space Port.

Bounty : 745,500 ISK (takes about less than 10 minutes in a drone Gila)
Loot : ~ 0.5 - 3.3M ISK (got a Faint Epsilon Warp Scrambler I + few tags)

Standing hits
Killing one of the transporters incurs a 2.4% standing penalty

There is many ways to do this mission, but this video shows one of them.

Comment by ZaetarSinescha
2009-09-22 23:36:13
Unable to confirm that the first group frigates are Merlins, but they are probably Tristans like the second group, since these are Serpentis NPCs.
Comment by AsdayXyfu
2009-10-15 22:47:19
No, the first group are most certainly Merlins. Mercenary Merlins.
Comment by Vis3
2010-10-29 11:19:32
Completed in a Rifter, I nearly lost it to the Tristan class webbers, refitted to long range, that's 23km in this ship, and from then on this was an easy mission.
Comment by ShadowBuns
2011-01-09 23:47:07
It wasn't immediately clear to me what the goal was, you have to kill all ships to end the encounter, attacking the Space-port has no purpose and there was no drops of importance to me.
Comment by ArthaBan
2011-05-09 16:34:15
Completed easyly with a Myrmidon. One sentry gun gives ammos. Transport ships loot illagual items.
Comment by FlitWiki
2012-03-01 18:00:57
Done in a Jaguar with alot of ease.
The first ship's were definately merlin's.
Got really bored waiting for the second spawn to appear.
Very easy mission.
Comment by HenryHu
2012-11-04 02:26:43
Completed with a Myrmidon. Lost 2 drones, the transport ships like to attack drones...
Comment by TechReviewsAndHelp
2013-01-24 17:25:13
This can be done with t1 drones on the small ships, and t2 the transport. Try to use attack drones like the ogre on the med lvl ships like the guard and the guns once you taken everything else out. Keep an eye out when you use attack drones.
Comment by FlashCactus
2013-06-19 21:53:26
Incredibly boring mission. Did in drake. Skip it if you can.
Comment by RolSon
2013-08-18 15:59:42

Mission causes your ship to land next to rats, just in the middle of the soup. Not 40-45 km from them as stated at the top of the instructions, but the 1.5 (!) km.

Instant webbing, I mean deadly webbing.

My Character has decent agility skills, and Destroyer is one of the ships with high agility. However, the rats did not leave even the smallest chance to warp out. At such large webbing, even the Destroyer took too much time to align and gain enough acceleration to warp out. It has been popped.

MAKE SURE you have ship with decent tank to survive fire at close range and a method that allows get out of weapons range very fast.

I used my lvl4 Raven to finish this mission because my Drake was 19 jumps away.
For Raven this mission is too easy and boring.
Comment by HaruChan
2013-11-24 07:33:59
all 4 transports dropped 10 drugs each
Comment by CrckDns
2014-03-30 12:56:27
can't confirm the 1.5km spawn, for me the guardians and sentries are near station ~40km.
Second wave spawns some time later at the Beacon~ so you shouldn't be standing still after warp in.

can confirm the drugs part~
No expensive loot dropped except ~500k ISK Anode Light Neutron Particle Cannon I

not worth the time.. boring
Comment by BumRusher2
2022-03-06 19:44:19
It's a goodly wait until that second spawn. Minutes. Drones are safe here. Go spank 'em!
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