Mining in Missions

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All ores are given in ore units, not m³.

Angel ExtravaganzaLevel 416000000000
Artifact RecoveryLevel 20000004,000
Athran Exigency (4 of 5)Level 1691,287000000
Assault, TheLevel 42,402,354000000
Attack of the dronesLevel 42,221,11049,11900000
Blockade, TheLevel 1~2,000,000000000
Blockade, TheLevel 21,592,4570623,301404,510000
Blockade, TheLevel 33,178,273000000
Break Their WillLevel 12,834,0001,411,00000000
Cargo DeliveryLevel 22,270,238000000
Cargo Delivery (Serpentis)Level 42,270,238000000
Cost of Greener Grass, TheLevel 2664,159000000
Drone InfestationLevel 2690,000000000
Duo of Death Level 401,355,00000000
Enemies Abound (1 of ?)Level 42,520,000800,00000000
Gone BerserkLevel 31,659,8460479,979813,864000
Gone BerserkLevel 43,142,156000000
Gurista ExtravaganzaLevel 420,0000003,00000
Hidden Stash (Guristas)Level 1548,969000000
In the Midst Of Deadspace (1 and 2 of 5)Level 4~1,400,000~2,170,0000090,00000
Infiltrated OutpostLevel 42,192,715810,00000000YesAllowedAllowed
Massive Attack (Sansha)Level 42,259,452040,149169,844000
My Sweet PrivateerLevel 3 0~640,00050,00040,000000
Lost That Bet (5 of 5)Level 1 ~1,000,000~1,000,00000000
OnslaughtLevel 11,500,0000480,000814,000000 No
Pirate Intrusion (Serpentis)Level 22,365,010000000
Pirate Invasion (Serpentis)Level 32,850,000000000
Pirate Invasion (Sansha)Level 41,692,068000000
Portal Of War (1 of 5 and 2 of 5) (Rogue Drones)Level 3839.330906.88200000Yes
Recon (1 of 3)Level 2,46,447,561000000
Recon (3 of 3)Level 41,382,9480139,845259,119000
Rogue Drone HarassmentLevel 1688,401000000
Rogue Drone HarassmentLevel 41,168,118000000
Rogue Slave Trader, The/Downing The Slavers (1 of 2)Level 387,089000000
Rogue Slave Trader, The/Downing The Slavers (1 of 2)Level 4279,059000000NoAllowedAllowed
Rogue Slave Trader, The/Downing The Slavers (2 of 2)Level 3940,000250,00000000
Rogue Slave Trader, The/Downing The Slavers (2 of 2)Level 4940,000250,00000000EmptyAllowedAllowed
Score, The (Angel Cartel)Level 3199,9960191,877173,925000
Score, The (Sansha Nation)Level 41,756,03801,315,6720000YesAllowed Allowed
Silence Deep as DeathLevel 3~1,000,000000000
Silence The InformantLevel 40000480000
Smuggler InterceptionLevel 21,522,8460479,979813,864000
Stop The ThiefLevel 455,466000000
Technological Secrets (1 of 3)Level 2347,094100,0000050,00000
Unauthorized Military Presence (Angel Cartel)Level 21,552,4200479,979813,864000
Unauthorized Military Presence (Mordus)[Pocket 1of2]Level 11,522,8460418,088790,059000
Unauthorized Military Presence (Serpentis)Level 33,702,3750165,944987,594000
Unauthorized Military Presence (Blood Raiders)Level 431,855000000
Vengeance (Guristas)Level 41,995,000255,00000000
Whispers in the Dark Pt. 1Level 21,710,000000000
Worlds Collide Level 4703,056000000Yes
Comment by AdmiralKerk
2009-01-25 05:23:55
I found an asteroid of Arkonor in one mission.....but I forgot the name
Comment by ChepeNolon
2009-01-25 08:15:09
Haven't got around to extract all the missions yet. But these are the confirmed types of ore (pyrox can be found in the score).
Comment by KeryNysell
2009-01-29 16:55:50
Erm ... should we post additionnal info on the roids found in "combat" missions here, or in the mission's pages ?
Comment by AsdayXyfu
2009-02-08 19:29:35
There's a mission where you have to mine some "special" gneiss for some dude. In that belt there is a fair amount of normal gneiss, too. Bring a hulk.

(I believe it was a level 3)
Comment by SandorKreja
2009-02-24 22:00:50
I ran a mission called Illegal Activity. It was a LVL 3 vs the Gallente. It was part 1 of 3 and there was 312745 units of Veldspar in about 15 astroids.
Comment by SandorKreja
2009-02-25 23:54:45
Also add Kidnappers Strike Part 3 of 10. It has 165000 Omber, 550000 Scordite and 810000 Veldspar.
Comment by SandorKreja
2009-02-28 17:28:04
Kidnappers Strike Part 7 of 10 (Blood Raiders) has 650000 Scordite and 1,860,000 Veldspar.
Comment by SandorKreja
2009-02-28 17:28:35
Kidnappers Strike Part 8 of 10 (Blood Raiders has 575000 Veldspar
Comment by Ariacus3
2009-03-04 06:15:37
Drone Infestation, Level 2 has about 690,000 Veldspar (between 25k and 90k) in 11 asteroids, spread out over about 50km radius.
Comment by SandorKreja
2009-03-04 10:51:45
Kidnappers Strike Part 9 of 10 (Blood Raiders) has 1,700,000 units of Veldspar
Comment by KeryNysell
2009-03-06 07:51:13
Ok, here's my notes until now :

- The Blockade, level 1, vs Guristas : roughly 4M500K of veldspar (between 11K and 80K) in a big double circle around the "space station".

- The Blockade, level 2, vs Guristas : ~625K veldspar, ~240K plagioclase, ~150K pyroxeres in a bunch of smallish asteroids.

- Cargo Delivery, level 2, vs Blood Raiders : ~2M250K veldspar in "random amount" asteroids.

- Drone Infestation, level 2 : Ariacus3 did an excellent report, but I've also found a single 10K 'roid of Scordite in there ...

- In the "The Rogue Slave Trader" level 4 mission, part 1 of the "Downing the Slavers", there's ~280K of veldspar, 32 ~10K to ~75K asteroids.

- Infiltrated Outposts, level 4 : ~1M200K of veldspar in the first room, 630K of scordite and ~1M250K of veldspar in the second room.

- Rogue Drone Harassment, level 4 : ~900K veldspar in the first room, ~280K veldspar in the second room.

Sorry if some of those are repost from the mission reports ... I try to mine each mission at least 3 different times to have consistent numbers before posting them ... and now I'll stop flooding/rambling :p
Comment by ValorousBob
2009-03-07 20:23:52
I can confirm wut AdmiralKerk said about a mission with Arkonor, When i got it it was a Caldari Navy mission, lvl 1 but i dont remember the name.

"Athran Exigency" (5 of 5) (lvl 1) has a bunch of veld and scord, but im not sure how much.

"Search and Rescue" (lvl 1) also had some ore, but i didnt write down how much or wut type.
Comment by KeryNysell
2009-03-13 14:35:40
Looks like I'll have to post my results both here and in the mission briefings ...
Comment by ClooraFirebrand
2009-04-26 18:51:14
Attack of the Drones (Level 4) has 2,221,119 units of Veldspar and 49,119 units of Scordite
Comment by ClooraFirebrand
2009-04-26 21:31:58
Pirate Invasion (Sansha lvl 4) has 1,692,068 units of Veldspar
Comment by ClooraFirebrand
2009-04-26 22:27:00
Vengeance (lvl 4 Guristas) has 1,290,000 units of Veldspar in the first room; 707,000 units in the second room and 255,000 units of Scordite in room 3
Comment by KriBy
2009-05-04 01:25:59
Smash the Supplier (Amarr) has 200,000 units of Veldspar.
Comment by SaCu
2009-05-05 05:26:17
Enemies Abound, Level 4 (Part 1)

As HansKraut wrote:
Grab a few friends (in Hulks) and share the wealth! You can't warp to your bookmarks, so having one or two people dedicated to hauling would be a good idea.
1,260,000 Omber (14x 90k-roids)
800,000 Scordite (16x 50k-roids)
350,000 Kernite (14x 25k-roids)
Comment by ClooraFirebrand
2009-05-05 16:19:23
Shipyard Theft (Blood Raiders) lvl 4 has 839,059 units of Veldspar. I have been cataloguing all these missions with Veld lately because I know Veldspar is very profitable right now and regular belts are being stripped of it. So its nice to have some for yourself.
Comment by RussLee
2009-05-27 12:31:55
Massive attack lvl4 has some rocks in pocket 2 and a ton of Veld in pocket 3. unfortunately, its 110km from entry gate and it is 3 gates in :( so annoying, even with an orca.
Comment by Isabell23
2009-06-14 03:27:42
Serch and Rescue: 800.000 Veldspar and 3000 Arkonor.
Leave an arrogater alive and don't touch the v.i.p.s, so the mision will stay open for 6 day's.
Comment by ClooraFirebrand
2009-07-04 01:15:51
In Rogue Drone Harrassment (lvl 4) there is 889,329 units of Veldspar in Room 1 and 279,059 units of Veldspar in Room 2.
Comment by KeryNysell
2009-07-25 10:15:37
The Hidden Stash, lvl 1, vs Guristas : 35 Veldspar asteroids, 548.969 units.
Comment by VincentLaw
2010-04-15 02:53:13
Because I had trouble reading the mission by level I copy and pasted a excel version. hope this be helpful. and here's the link

also, for the mission "Downing the Slavers", it is also possible to do it in with a lvl 3, given by Federation Navy (Part 2, First Room). I don't know how much it gives exactly but by my assumption is about 450k VELDSPAR, 175k SCORDITE, 350 OMBER. included in excel file.
Comment by WernerVonBraun
2011-01-19 15:05:17
Rogue Slave Trader part 2 a.k.a. "Downing The Slavers" (L4) : Received this mission post-patch 18-Jan 2011 and the asteroid spawn in first pocket no longer contains any Omber. Only Veldspar and Scordite now.
Comment by Jan86
2011-05-08 01:38:33
mission names should link to the mission page
Comment by Jan86
2011-05-08 01:39:36
... their respective mission page
Comment by HuffPuff
2011-06-25 21:54:48
are the numbers posted above the m3 of each ore or the number of pieces of each ore?
Comment by TandemRunner
2011-08-07 02:10:38
Fair Play, More Bark (2 of 5) is a level 1 mission I got from a Caldari agent. It has a massive belt containing the following units of ore:

1,054,259 Rich Plagio
1,787,506 Pyrox
949,014 Con Veld
2,329,733 Veld

Total value of minerals after 100% refine at the time was just over 120mil.
2 Hulks, 7 hours and almost 7 full orca loads later there wasn't a roid left.

No gates, and only 1 NPC frig that can easily be tanked make this a perfect farming site.
Comment by CeregInkura
2013-10-22 11:09:43
After The Seven (3 of 5) is a level 1 missions got from Caldaroi agent.

After the warp you see a belt of:
250+ k Pyroxeres
500+ k Veldspar

The mission was to kill one npc, no more waves/triggers.
Comment by SamSpock
2014-08-22 00:44:26
Got the level 1 storyline mission Search and Rescue. There was a rock of Arkonor there with 3000 units and 5 Veldspar totaling 391760 units.
Comment by TemperantiaBuxtehude
2016-11-30 05:16:30
Level 4 epic arc "Right to Rule"
Chapter 3, Mission 14 "Interrogation: Catching the Scent"

30 x Plagioclase 852592 units
16x Pyroxeres 503854 units
45x Veldspar 1886231 units
Grand total 638186.5 m3

Rocks are nicely packed @ some 20km from the warp-in beacon
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