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======Mining Misappropriation, Level 4======

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Faction: Blood Raiders
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace, single pocket, no gate
Damage dealt: EM / Therm
Extras: Defender Missiles
Web/scramble: none
Recommended damage dealing: EM / Therm
Recommended ships: CNR, Long-range Laser Battleship

====Single Pocket====
You warp-in directly to beacon. You canĀ“t warp to optimal range and also no bookmarks possible.
No aggro at warp-in.
Respawn waves will aggro drones.

===Group 1===
You will find a single Hulk called Illegal Miner([[ The Incredible Hulk]]). Destroying it triggers a series of spawns.
Miner will appear about 30km away from warp-in point.

===Spawn 1===
3x Battleship (Suicide Squad)- Spawn 50km away from warp-in point and will auto target you after a few seconds
They will orbit you at 17-20km
Last killed BS triggers spawn 2
Example of Spawn: 3 x Corpus Patriarch (1,162,500.00 isk ea.)

===Spawn 2===
4x Battleships (Suicide Squad). Spawn at 84km from warp-in point, move to range at 48-50km
Last killed BS triggers spawn 3
Example of Spawn: 4 x Corpus Pope (1,218,750.00 isk ea.) (Very low damage until within 50km)

===Spawn 3===
4x Battleships (Suicide Squad) Spawn 80km from warp-in point then slowly move to range.
Last killed BS triggers mission completed.
Example of Spawn: 4 x Corpus Pope (1,218,750.00 isk ea.) (Very low damage until within 50km)

No blitz, no structures, no mineable asteroids

==Loot + Salvage==

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