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======Morale and Morality, Level 3======
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Hostile Faction: Minmatar Republic
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Normal space, one gate

Damage dealt: Explosive
E-War type: None

Recommended damage dealing: Explosive/Thermal
Recommended ship classes: Tactical Destroyer, Stealth Bomber, Cruiser, Battlecruiser
Recommended generic setup: Sniper for Tactical Destroyer or Stealth Bomber

====Single Pocket====
Overview: Single pocket with 3 groups

~====Group 1====
~Distance: 54 – 58 km
~~3x Cruisers

~====Group 2====
~Distance: 72 – 79 km
~~2x Frigates
~~1x Cruiser

~====Group 3====
~Distance: 79 – 90 km
~~4x Republic Haulers (Mission Targets)

The mission is complete when the 4 Republic Haulers are dead.

Orbit at maximum range and destroy the Republic Haulers.

~-Use Thermal ammunition on the Republic Haulers, Explosive on all other ships.


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