The Navy Armada, level 4

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Thu, 16 May 2019 11:03 UTC

Faction: Caldari
Mission type: Encounter
Damage dealt: Kinetic/Thermal (about 60%/40%)
Extras: ECM
Recommended dammage dealing: Thermal/Kinetic

Pocket 1

Gate to next pocket is 80 km from arrival point
(3 groups, 60-110 km)
2x State Shuriken
3x State Daito
5x State Wakizashi
2x State Katana
2x State Shukuro Choji
5x State Fudai
2x State Ashigaru
3x State Oni
2x State Tenkyu
2x State Utaisho

Pocket 2

Gate to next pocket is 69 km from arrival point
(4 groups, 35-90km)
1x State Shuriken
1x State Daito
5x State Wakizashi
1x State Katana
2x State Kai Gunto
2x State Shukuro Choji
5x State Fudai
1x State Ashigaru
2x State Shukuro Chugen
4x State Kerai
1x State Ronin
2x State Oni
3x State Tenkyu
3x State Utaisho

Pocket 3

(3 groups, 40-65 km)
1x State Shukuro Choji
3x State Tsuba
2x Taibu State Shirasaya
2x State Shukuro Shinai
2x State Shukuro Shuriken
8x State Shukuro Ashigaru
1x State Shukuro Chugen
5x State Shukuro Buke
2x State Shukuro Ashura
2x State Ronin
1x STate Oni
1x State Kanpaku
1x STate State Shukuro Bajo
1x Taibu State Kanpaku
3x State Utaisho
2x State Zen
1x State Tenno


180m in assorted garbage loot and tags
3x -0.002 standing hits to Caldrai

Comment by EventyOne
2009-02-27 23:16:19
Ran this with a Nightmare. Not bad to do from range. Head away from nearest group keeping them at a distance, and just snipe them off one-by-one.
Comment by ForteEXE
2009-12-24 00:25:56
Who offers this mission, does anybody know?
Comment by Jmam
2019-05-16 10:07:41
I've gotten it plenty from Guristas agents
Comment by InfiniteZer0
2010-08-28 20:37:54
Its probably one of those super-rare missions that only certain agents give under certain conditions. I've never got it tho
Comment by SazukaKirr
2010-09-01 19:10:22
Probably given by a pirate faction. I've been getting a lot of unreported L4's recently against empire factions while running for pirate factions, mostly variations of missions people regularly get against pirate factions. Worlds Collide, Gallente vs. Sansha is an example.
Comment by ColdTurkey
2022-06-05 15:58:29
Caldari Navy Vice Admiral Insignia I x 20
Caldari Navy Admiral Insignia I x 5
Caldari Navy Commodore Insignia II x 49
Caldari Navy Commodore Insignia I x 17
Caldari Navy Captain Insignia II x 8
Caldari Navy Captain Insignia III x 2
Caldari Navy Captain Insignia I x 2
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