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======Oust the Claimjumpers, Level 5======

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Faction: Gallente
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace (mwd does not work) with single entry gate
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Extras: Dampener (Federation Insidiator)
Web/Scramble: Web & Scram - Federation Lixa
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/Thermal
Recommended ships: Passive Tanking Ships (Nighthawk, Drake, etc.), Damage dealers: CNR, Golem, Etc.

Ship types and the specific number of rats may vary from time to time in each spawn, so please keep in mind that this is just an example.
Missile Batteries and Towers are fixed.

When you warp in, there is a single mixed group. Aggro is automatic.

===Initial Group:===
2x Gallente Heavy Missile Battery
5x Gallente Cruise Missile Battery
2x Tower Sentry Gallente III
2x Gallente Energy Neutralizer Sentry III
2x Gallente Stasis Tower (Web)
12x Battleships Federation (Praktor Hyperion, Covinus, Praktor Navis Praetor, Praktor Hyperion, Praktor Hexeris, Praktor Phanix, Praktor Praeses)
6x Elite Frigates Elite Federation (Libertus, Manica, Matara) (Web/Scramble)

===Spawn 1:===
Triggered when the Last BS is popped from the Initial Group

4x Battleships Federation (Covinus, Navis Longa)

===Spawn 2:===
Triggered when the Last BS is popped from the Spawn 1

4x Battleships Federation (Praktor Phanix, Praktor Hyperion)

===Spawn 3:===
Triggered when the Last BS is popped from the Spawn 2

2x Battleships Federation (Praktor Polemo)

===Spawn 4:===
Each Energy Neutralizer Tower III has 2 replacement spawns (e.g. Initial ENT --> Replacement Tower 1 --> Replacement Tower 2)
Once these 6 towers have been destroyed, the next spawn appears

6x Elite Federation (Insidiator, Lixa, Lochos)

- It is recommend that you use Logistics support to help keep your passive tank alive to avoid warp outs
- A CNR / Golem can do this mission with careful energy / tank management, but MUST have 2x Medium Energy Transfer Array II's going on it at all times and 4x Large Shield Reps. Your cap will drain, but the Neutralizer tower cycles allow you to turn your tank back on between cycles.
- Shoot all but one of the initial BS's to reduce your tank damage taken

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