Perimeter Checkpoint

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Faction: Sleepers
Signature type: Cosmic Anomaly
Space type: Normal space
Damage dealt: Omni
Webbers: None
Scramblers: None
Extras: NOS (Awakened Escort)
Recommended ship classes: Drake (slow), Tengu, Raven/Dominix
Recommended generic setup: Omni tank
Blue Loot & salvage: 14-17M (11.2021)

As with all Sleeper combat anomalies there are 3 waves each which auto aggress.
Sleeper ships may target switch. Drones and support ships are not immune.

Single Pocket

Initial Group

2x Sentry (Sirius)
2 or 3x Cruisers (Awakened Patroller) last is TRIGGER
2x Frigates (Emergent Patroller)

Reinforcements Wave 1

2x Cruisers (Awakened Patroller) last one is TRIGGER
2x Cruisers (Awakened Escort)

Reinforcements Wave 2

1x Battleship (Sleepless Patroller)
3x Frigates (Emergent Patroller)
Comment by AnnikiLinares
2009-10-06 11:34:38
Need confirmation if on initial has 3 cruisers instead.
There is no NOS-ing on this site.
Everything else is correct.
Comment by NachoCuban
2009-10-13 01:04:19
I had 3 cruisers in the initial spawn, and no nos
Comment by DeadSoul
2009-10-15 12:37:13
I have NOS on site, but it is not effective since they cannot NOS below their own cap level.
Comment by Artefact2
2009-10-18 06:12:58
Easily done in a dual-LAR Omni-tanked Dominix. The AI didn't use NOS, scram or web.

There is a great amount of damage received immediately after warp-in, though the incoming DPS is moderate after that.
Comment by NecRato
2009-12-17 16:09:31
3 cruisers in initial spawn for me. Triggers confirmed
Comment by Rannug0
2010-04-24 16:24:37
everything confirmed. done in myrmidon. nerver more than 293 DPS
Comment by SniperEagle1
2010-08-11 14:09:33
If you are in a ship with lower EM / Therm resist (like my passive drake) kill the Sirius (sentries) first. The beam lasers from them are mean, and primarying them will allow you to tank with ease.
Comment by IntificialUs
2010-09-22 14:05:52
Probably the most common and easy of the C2 sites and quite a few nano ribbons.
Comment by Mal1
2011-04-16 10:59:10
2 Veldspar asteroids, totalling 261,637 units.
Comment by hal9k
2019-10-13 17:33:59
alpha clone(13m sp) in drake no nosing/webbing/scramming walk in park really
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