Persistant Pests 3

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Faction: Rogue Drones
Mission type: Mining / Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: EM, Thermal
Recommended damage dealing: EM, Thermal
Completed in: Retriever (5x Hobgoblin 1s)

Mine 40,000 Banidine, 4,000m3

6 Roids approx 14km - 25km from warp in.
11,896 , 6,667 , 1,589 , 6,779 , 7,943 , 5,126

Spawn 1
2x Infestor Alvi

Serpentis Harvester may appear more than once between spawns

Spawn 2
2x Splinter Alvi

Spawn 3
2x Serpentis Initiate

Comment by DeMichaelCrimson
2010-10-22 06:55:29
Name of this mission is exactly what you'll encounter. All NPC's were Frigates for me. NPC spawns seem to be partly random and partly timed to mining amount. Pirate Faction NPC spawn is determined by location. Easy mission.

Mission statistics for me:

Mission site in 0.8 security system.

Warp in:
No NPC's

Started mining:
1st Spawn @ 35km:
Splinter Alvi x3 (Rogue Drone Frigate)

1/4 amount mined:
2nd Spawn:
Pirate Faction NPC x2 (Frigate)

After a few minutes:
3rd Spawn:
Infester Alvi x3 (Rogue Drone Frigate)

1/2 amount mined:
4th Spawn:
Pirate Faction NPC (Frigate)

3/4 amount mined:
5th Spawn:
Pirate Faction NPC (Frigate)

Mission objective:
Banidine Asteroid x6 = 40,000 units @ 4000.0 m3 cargo amount.
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