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=====Postmodern Primitives, Level 4 Storyline=====

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Faction: Amarr Navy
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Gated Deadspace (That allows MWD to work as of 05/March/2010)
Damage dealt: EM/Thermal
Web/Scramble: Elite Frigates: Divine Imperial XXXXX
Recommended damage dealing: EM

====Pocket 1 (Defense)====

Clear as you warp in, apporaching the Amarr control tower

==Initial Group:==

Amarr Battery X 8
Amarr Energy neutralizer battery X 2 (Trigger)
Amarr Stasis Tower X 2

As you kill one neut battery, there will spawn the half of second group; if you kill the second neut battery, the others will spawn.

Killing the the Amarr Energy neutralizer battery results 2.4% standing lose.

==Spawn 1: (killed first neut tower)==

Divine Imperial Basil (Cruiser) X 2
Imperial Templar Martyr (BS) X 1

==Spawn 2: (killed second neut tower)==

Divine Imperial Basil (Cruiser) X 1
Imperial Templar Martyr (BS) X 2
Divine Imperial Bahir (Web/Scramble) X 2

Killing the Amarr control tower results 2.4% standing lose and it is NOT required.

Two Gates, If you want to finish fast go mining then production/living
if you want to kill all go worship then mining.

====Worship Pocket:====

==Initial Group:==

Killing the Amarr Battery results 2.4% standing lose

Amarr Battery X 6
Amarr Stasis Tower X 1
Divine Imperial Valok (Web/Scramble) x 4
Amarr Cruiser X 7
Imperial Templar Martyr (BS) X 2
Imperial Templar Dominator (BS) X 2

Spawn 1: (Lock and approaching the Amarr building)

Imperial Templar Dominator (BS) X 2

====Mining Pocket:====

==Initial Group:==

(The miners are too easy to kill and do not do damage)

Divine Imperial Nabish (Web/Scramble) x 2
Imperial Templar Martyr (BS) X 3
Imperial Templar Dominator (BS) X 1

==Spawn 1: (kill starbase storage facility will give you a bonus elite Bs and two frigates)==

killing starbase storage facility will results 2.4% standing down

Elite BS X 1
Divine Imperial Imran (Web/Scramble) x 2

Various mineable asteriods (Veldspar/Plagioclase/Pyroxeres)

====Production/Living Pocket:====

Spawn 1:
Amarr Cruier X 2
Amarr Frigates X 4

Spawn 2:
Amarr Frigates x2
Imperial Templar Dominator x4

**Kill the Amarr Tactical Support will drop the mission loot and mission will be done.**
Killing the Starbase Major Assembly results 2.4% standing lose and it will drop you nothing value.

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