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======Retribution, level 3======

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Spacetype: Deadspace w/gate
Damage dealt: Thermal, Kinetic
Extras: Minor Dampening
Webifiers & Scramblers: Guardian Veteran
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic, Thermal
Recommended ships: Ferox, Ishtar, Drake
Loyalty Points: 458
ISK: 170000
Bonus: 208000
Diffuculty: Easy

No hostiles at initial gate

====Single pocket====
Four groups, all peaceful.
Attacking the outpost will aggro the entire pocket

===Group 1===
2x Frigates (Coreli Guard/Safeguard)
2x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Defender/Protector)

===Group 2===
2x Interceptor (Guardian Veteran) **Webify & Scramble**
2x Cruisers (Corelum Chief Scout/Spy)

===Group 3===
8x Frigates (Coreli Patroller/Watchmen) **Patrollers Dampen**

===Group 4===
3x Frigates (Coreli Protector/Defender) **Defenders Dampen**
1x Interceptor (Guardian Veteran) **Webify & Scramble**
1x Battlecruiser (Corelatis Squad Leader/Wing Leader)

Mission target (Outpost) & Small Armory 65-70km away

Approach Outpost, kill Outpost, Warp out

Small Armory: Ammo and Missiles
Other structures: No Loot

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