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======Rogue Eradication, Level 5======

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=====Part 3 of 3=====
(Part 1 covered here: [[RogueSpy5 | Rogue Spy]])
(Part 2 covered here: [[RogueHunt5 | Rogue Hunt]])

Faction: Drones
Mission type: Deadspace
Web/Scramble: none
Extras: (2) Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs per pocket
Damage dealt: All Kinds (Therm: 41%, Expl: 31% Kin: 18%, EM: 10%)
Recommended damage dealing: EM/Thermal (Kin/Thermal for batteries/sentries)
Recommended ships: Can be completed in (1) Maelstrom w/ passive tank and (1) Maelstrom w/ Shield Transporters, but recommend more support, especially for mission invaders.
(1) Drake w/ passive tank and (1) Drake w/ shield transporters, but recommend more support.
Completed in (1) Nighthawk with passive tank, (1) Dominix with Large Remote Shield Reppers, and (1) Maelstrom with 8x 1200mm 'Scouts' for DPS. Had to warp out several times during Pocket 2.
Completed in (1) Ishtar (Sentry rigged) with passive tank with 1x Explosive and 1x Thermal Resistance Amplifier and no more than two medium shield transfers, easy due to mostly BS enemies not hitting for full damage against a HAC that is not shield rigged
Completed in (1) Tengu with passive tank, kill batteries first, then smaller->larger ships, orbit around something at 15km to reduce dps

Acceleration Gate into Deadspace.

====First Pocket====

At gate's destination, NPCs await your ship in two clusters: One behind you, and one to your left. All ships, missile batteries, and sentries are between 20 – 25km away. Full Room aggro upon warp-in.

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2 x Frigates (Strain Raider Alvi) orbits at 7 km
2 x Cruisers (Strain Atomizer Alvum) orbits at 19 km
12 x Battleships
(8 x Matriarch Alvus) orbits at 39 km
(4 x Alvus Ruler) orbits at 31 km
4 x Drone Cruise Missile Batteries
2 x Drone Heavy Missile Batteries
2 x Drone Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs

====Second Pocket====

Acceleration Gate dangerously lands your ship on top of a Drone Bunker and several Wall structures that can entangle your ship. Landing spots vary slightly per gate activation so entanglement is chance based. All NPCs surround you between 1 – 9 km away, and retreat to their respective orbits. Full Room aggro upon warp-in.

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14 x Battleships
(7 x Matriarch Alvus) orbits at 39 km
(7 x Alvus Queen) orbits at 36 km
6 x Drone Cruise Missile Batteries
4 x Tower Sentry Drone IIIs
2 x Drone Energy Neutralizer Sentry IIIs


**Drone Bunkers:** Dropped no loot in both pockets


- Plan your tank's resistances and repair for up to 2010 hp/s of damage from initial agro. Dealt as:
Pocket 1 - 1,728 hp/s (Therm: 46%, Expl: 26%, Kin: 22%, EM: 6%)
Pocket 2 - 2,010 hp/s (Therm: 36%, Expl: 35%, Kin: 15%, EM: 14%)
- Use a passive tank. Or plan a capacitor that recharges or receives 80 Units/s.
- Mission is flagged complete when all ships are destroyed

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