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======Shipyard Theft, level 4======

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Faction: Serpentis
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage Dealt: TH/KI
Extras: Dampening from Corelum Chief Safeguard; Web from Guardian Veterans
Recommended damage dealing: Kinetic/ Thermal
Recommended ships: any level-4 capable ship, including snipers with only a basic tank

**Mission Rewards:** This mission will give you an astronomic +23% corp standings and the folowing standings increase, to name a few. Plan wisely. All numbers considering Social Skill Lvl 5
+9.375% with Gallente Federation
+7.57% with Sisters of EVE
+6.57% with Minmatar Republic
+8.13% with ORE faction
-6,5% with Caldari State
-2.8% with Amarr Empire
-4.9% with Ammatar Mandate
-6.5% with Mordu's Legion

No Hostiles at initial gate.

====Pocket 1====
Tip: When getting the initial aggro, it's smart to move away from the other groups, before firing. This way you won't get drone-aggro or other unexpected aggro.

===Group 1 (Sometimes automatic aggro) - 15km===
3x Corelatis Squad Leader (Battlecruiser class)
2x Corelatis Platoon Leader (Battlecruiser class)
1x Core Lord Admiral (Battleship class)

===Group 2 (Can aggro with Group 1) - 20km===
5x Guardian Veteran (Elite Frigate class) **Web**
4x Corelatis Platoon Leader (Battlecruiser class)
1x Core High Admiral (Battleship class)

===Group 3 - 30km===
2x Corelior Trooper (Destroyer class)
1x Corelior Soldier (Destroyer class)
4x Corelatis Wing Leader (Battlecruiser class)
1x Core High Admiral (Battleship class)
1x Core Admiral (Battleship class)

===Group 4 - 40km===
3x Corelatis Captain Sentry (Battlecruiser class)
5x Corelatis Captain (Battlecruiser class)

===Group 5 - 50km===
2x Corelum Chief Guard (Cruiser class
2x Corelum Chief Safeguard (Cruiser class) **Dampening**
3x Core Port Admiral (Battleship class)

Acceleration gate to next pocket is at 11km.

====Pocket 2====

===Single group: (Automatic aggro) - 24km===
1x Corelior Infantry (Destroyer class)
4x Corelior Soldier (Destroyer class)
2x Corelatis Platoon Leader (Battlecruiser class)
3x Corelatis Squad Leader (Battlecruiser class)
2x Core Admiral (Battleship class)
1x Core High Admiral (Battleship class)

The storage silo only occasionally drops random ammo, a Gallente Alpha/ Beta Nexus Chip, and 50 High-tech Transmitters, Small Arms or High-Tech Manufacturing Tools.
Some Habitation modules drop general goods.

==Loot and Bounty==
Loot + Salvage: ~28.4mil ( + Zainou "Deadeye" Trajectory Analysis TA-703 (~13.5mil)
Bounty: ~8.8 mil

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