there is no need to reject this mission if u are the new player.
i done it on t1 cruiser, with basic recommended skills.
in the first, u should get 5 Scientists (not from mission generated cargo) u may found them in contracts and buy.
after that warp into the needed dead space, and get close to the damaged ship, drifting to an anomaly. it will cause to summon the 1st wave, but DON'T pick up the scientists from oberon's wreck (if u not want to catch all the waves in one time). then kill the spider drone, that webbing u. (i've been used the medium short range turrets + stasis webfiber for that)
so u may need to warp out at the nearest station to repair armor and recharge shield and cap once or twice.
when the spider drone is dead, just pick down ur own scientist in a splendor wreck. that will complete the mission.
also u can save the coordinates and back there after pass this mission to an agent, they may needs u in future.
p.s. sorry for my invalid english :)
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